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The Ministry and Leadership Department prepares men and women for specializations in disciple-making ministries in the church and faith-based organizations. It builds upon a strong biblical and theological base while integrating insights from the social sciences and educational technology. This program contributes to an understanding of the biblical imperative for church training and discipleship, the ability to communicate effectively the significant role that teaching has in personal growth and leadership development, and capacity to construct a biblically sound philosophy of ministry that will endure sociological and cultural change. It also provides the ability to teach and effectively ministers to selected age groups as well as the ability to design, administer, and evaluate educational ministries within the local church and faith-based organizations.

The Ministry and Leadership Department offers 4 quality majors and 4 minors that will equip you for graduate school, staff positions in the local church, and ministry posts in faith-based organizations.

We are glad that you are checking out the Ministry and Leadership Department website. Our department is a community of learners committed to preparing men and women for specializations in disciple-making ministries in the church and faith-based nonprofit organizations. We offer five majors including: Ministry Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Outdoor Leadership Education, and Youth Ministry. All of our professors are highly qualified educators, currently involved in our fields, and committed to building meaningful relationships with our students. Our classrooms are characterized by lively, interactive and experiential learning, and all of us have many life-on-life conversations with students, meeting in our offices, the coffee shop, the dining hall, or “along the way.” Our graduates are well-prepared to serve in a wide range of ministry-related vocations, both domestically and internationally.



  • Ministry Leadership
  • Outdoor Leadership and Education
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Youth Ministries
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Dr. Piljoo P. Kang
Department Chair
  • 706-886-7299, x5365
  • Ministry & Leadership Department, Toccoa Falls College, 107 Kincaid Drive, MSC 745, Toccoa Falls, GA 30598
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