Pastoral Ministries

Want to prepare both personally and professionally for pastoral work? Study Pastoral Ministries at Toccoa Falls College! The Pastoral Ministries program is a concentration within the Ministry Leadership degree. This concentration exists to cultivate learning and Godly character to equip future leaders in the Church. The pastoral ministry degree program includes a variety of course options designed to deepen each student’s understanding of Christ and to provide them with the skills they need to lead people forward in their faith. Some courses that are included as part of this program are Introduction to Preaching, Pastoral Methods and Spiritual Care and Counseling.

Throughout this program, students gain a basic understanding of pastoral ministries and develop the knowledge needed to lead a church. Students will mature in their ethical reasoning and decision-making in order to inform their ministry and individual character. This, combined with the practical skills of preaching and teaching, provides both academic and practical experience in the diverse skill set expected of contemporary pastors.

As students study Pastoral Ministries, they will have the opportunity to opt into a mentoring program that spans their time at TFC. This allows for a deepening of biblical knowledge, disciple-making skills, and practical ministry experience. Upon graduation, students will find that they are able to step directly into church leadership and congregational care.


  • Youth Ministries
  • Multi-Generational Ministries
  • Faith-Based Organization
  • Church Planting

Program Layout

The Ministry Leadership major with a Pastoral Ministries concentration is a 126 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible & Theology), 15 hours of open electives, and 42 hours in Ministry Leadership-specific courses. Pastoral Ministries classes include Introduction to Preaching, Leading Ministry Teams, Spiritual Care and Counseling, and Pastoral Methods.

Program Benefits

Benefits of Obtaining a Pastoral Ministry Degree from Toccoa Falls

A degree in pastoral ministry provides students with an opportunity to pursue a specialized career path in Christian ministry. Some of the benefits of this degree program include:

  • Students work directly with an experienced pastor who provides intentional instruction and opportunities to practice preaching.
  • During this degree program, students receive hands-on training as they preach at area churches, and they give communion to those who are worshiping.
  • While taking courses as part of the pastoral ministry degree, students develop an understanding of the various tasks that a pastor is responsible for. They gain experience preparing for weddings, baptisms and funeral services.
  • This degree program is designed to prepare students for graduate seminary programs, and students receive guidance as they explore their seminary options.
  • Students work directly with well-qualified faculty members who have expertise in a variety of fields. These faculty members guide students as they search for internship opportunities that will help them gain professional experience.

What Can You Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Ministry?

Students who earn a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry will find that they have many career opportunities available to them. These are just a few of the career paths that you can consider when you earn a degree in pastoral ministry:

  • Educator — Graduates with a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry may feel called to begin a career in education, where they can work at the elementary, secondary or university level.
  • Pastoral Leadership Roles — Those who earn a pastoral ministry degree often find themselves pursuing pastoral leadership positions, as these professionals are able to work directly with a congregation and guide them as they grow and develop spiritually.
  • Youth Counselor — An individual with a degree in pastoral ministry will be able to work effectively with young people who are aspiring to be disciples and who are in need of guidance as they grow in their Christian faith.
Learn more about our pastoral ministry degree by emailing us, scheduling a virtual meeting with an advisor, athletic coach, professor, or current student. We are happy to answer any specific questions you have. You may also schedule an in-person or virtual campus visit to learn more about life at TFC.
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