Statement of Faith

Toccoa Falls College shall teach and defend the historic and basic doctrines of evangelical Christianity such as:

  • The verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as originally given;
  • The existence and manifestation of one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • The incarnation and virgin birth of the Son of God;
  • The redemption of man by the vicarious death of Christ on the cross;
  • The bodily resurrection from the grave;
  • The fact that all men have sinned and consequently must be regenerated by the working of God’s grace;
  • Justification by faith;
  • The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the believer, producing holiness of life and power for service;
  • Practical faith in the sufficiency of Christ for spiritual, temporal and physical needs;
  • The purifying hope of the Lord’s imminent return; and
  • The urgency of preaching the gospel to all mankind, that men may be saved from eternal judgment.

The said college, even though non-sectarian, is to be conducted according to the faith and teaching of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Mission Distinctives

Toccoa Falls College is an educational institution, a character-building enterprise, and a spiritual formation community, all integrated into a unique way of life. Our primary purpose is to glorify God through offering residential programs that prepare men and women for lives of personal fulfillment and Christian servant leadership to the church and the world. We also seek to glorify God through offering non-residential Christ-centered programs to the community at large.

Mission Goals

  • Spiritual: to orient, motivate, and lead students to emotional maturity, Christian commitment, and spiritual depth
  • Academic: to provide an understanding of the Bible as the basis for Christian life and thought within the context of the college statement of faith, and to introduce students to the cumulative knowledge of the ages
  • Intellectual: to stimulate students to develop inquisitive and creative minds that possess tools for critical analysis, and to motivate them for continuing intellectual pursuits
  • Moral: to provide the atmosphere, motivation, and support system for developing Biblically based lifestyles of wholesome attitudes and ethical principles
  • Professional: to produce graduates competent for Christian service to humanity in the areas of their individual choices