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As part of our mission to prepare graduates both personally and professionally for service, we believe in integrating service and outreach as a regular part of your academic study and spiritual formation.

Through the service and outreach program students engage in their capacity for serving others through genuine outreach, explore areas of personal strength and development, develop meaningful leadership competencies, refine career-related skills, and apply classroom learning to real-life experience.

Amber Davies Carrion
Amber Davies Carrion

SAO Opportunities

Cross-Cultural Outreach

Our cross-cultural outreach opportunities allow students to engage with diverse communities locally, providing service through educational programs, community development projects, and humanitarian aid. These experiences foster mutual understanding, cultural exchange, and spiritual growth, empowering students to make a meaningful impact and share the love of Christ across different cultures.

Outreach Ministries

Our outreach ministries provide students with numerous opportunities to serve and support various communities through acts of kindness, social services, and spiritual guidance. These initiatives promote personal and spiritual growth while fostering a deeper connection to Christ’s teachings and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Local Church Ministries

Our local church ministries offer students the chance to actively participate in and support nearby congregations through volunteer work, worship services, and community events. These opportunities enhance spiritual growth, foster a sense of community, and strengthen relationships within the Body of Christ.

Local Service Providers

Our partnership with local service providers enables students to engage in meaningful volunteer work, supporting organizations that address community needs such as healthcare, education, and social services. These opportunities foster personal growth, cultivate compassion, and create a positive impact on the well-being of our local community.

Public School Mentoring and After School Programs

Our public school mentoring and after school programs provide students with opportunities to mentor and support youth in local schools, offering academic assistance, enrichment activities, and mentorship. These programs aim to foster educational success, personal growth, and positive relationships while making a lasting impact on the lives of young learners in our community.

Clary Wilkinson Center

Our partnership with the Clary Wilkinson Center, including Heritage Healthcare of Toccoa, Meals on Wheels, Circle of Hope, Pond Street Bread Ministry, and the Salvation Army of Toccoa, offers students opportunities to engage in service activities that support elderly residents and community members in need. These initiatives promote compassion, companionship, and spiritual growth while enriching the lives of those we serve and fostering a stronger sense of community involvement.

TFC Publications

TFC publications, including Eagle Production for sports streaming video, Eagle Radio for online radio broadcasting, The Forrester for the yearbook, and The Talon for online newspaper, provides students with hands-on media experience and opportunities to inform, entertain, and engage the college community. These platforms foster creativity, communication skills, and teamwork while promoting campus spirit.

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Community Partnerships The Student Government Association actively develops relationships with the local Toccoa community to form partnerships that are mutually beneficial. As such, you will notice that many TFC students are very involved with being a part of and serving the local community. Student Government Association
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Mission Opportunities Toccoa Falls College encourages and facilitates students connecting with ministry partners to pursue mission opportunities during their time at TFC. This often looks like students joining local churches, exploring options with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, or getting involved with one of the many non-profit Christian organizations that visit our campus. Christian & Missionary Alliance