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Program Overview

Why Study Ministry Leadership at TFC?

Want to specialize in disciple-making ministries in the church and other faith-based organizations? Study Ministry Leadership at Toccoa Falls College! This degree program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and point of view needed by ministry professionals. Throughout their studies, students will grow in expressing themselves orally and in writing. They will develop ethical reasoning that informs their leadership and individual character, and learn to critically evaluate ideas.

This program provides students with a broad preparation for the wide spectrum of skills and experiences needed for leadership. Students can choose to customize their courses through a general study of Ministry Leadership or choose a specific concentration in the areas of Church Planting, Faith-Based Organizations, Multi-Generational Ministries, Pastoral Ministries, or Youth Ministries. These options equip the student for consideration within a larger pool of opportunities after graduation.

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  • Multi-Generational Ministries
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Youth Ministries
  • Church Planting
  • Faith Based Organizations
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Ministry & Leadership

The beauty of (the ministry leadership program), is that wherever we’re going, wherever the Lord wants to take us, ministry leadership prepares you to keep pressing into Jesus and to find him in all of the different places that he might lead.”

Shelby Ryals
TFC Alumna, 2018

Degree Layout

Ministry Leadership Courses

The Ministry Leadership major is a 126 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible & Theology), 15 hours of open electives, and 42 hours in Ministry Leadership-specific courses. Students are able to choose a specific concentration, or customize their schedule with classes from each concentration.

Featured Courses:

  • Foundations of Discipleship
  • Emotionally Healthy Leaders
  • Cultural Competence & Critical Issues
  • Practical Theology for Ministry Leaders
  • Organizational Change
  • Spiritual Formation
Anna Claire Mell


Coming to TFC, I didn’t know the exact career path I wanted to take. I chose to study in the Ministry Leadership Department because I knew that it would form and shape me into the kind of person I longed to be. I desired to be a wise, gentle, and compassionate leader that led those around me in servitude and with a deep understanding of who God had made me and others to be. My professors cared more about the process of transformation than they did results on paper. I got to know the professors of the MLD on a personal level and each of them had a profound impact on my life. After graduating from the MLD I had the confidence that regardless of the career path I took, in ministry or in the business world, I would thrive as a leader firmly established in God’s word and His ultimate leadership.
Anna Claire Mell, Class of 2018
Career Choices

What can you do with a Ministry Leadership degree?

When you earn a degree in Ministry Leadership, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:


Many ministry leadership graduates go on to pursue their calling to become a pastor. There are opportunities to specialize as a pastor, such as working as a youth pastor or serving as a teaching pastor. In most cases, the pastor serves as the leader of the church organization, managing the administration of the church as well as providing spiritual insight and guidance for all parishioners.

Church Director

In many churches, there are a variety of directors who serve under the Pastor, such as the Worship Director, the Youth Ministry Director or the Christian Education Director.

Non-Profit Ministry

Ministry leadership graduates are prepared to enter the field of non-profit ministry or serve within faith-based organizations. Many students goes on to establish new ministries. The ministry and leadership knowledge gained through the program allows students to transition into these fields with the skills and competencies needed to flourish.

Human Services Professional

The ministry leadership degree encourages students to live a life of service. As a result, many graduates go on to work in the human service industry. Some job opportunities that may be available for ministry leadership graduates include working as a social worker at a Christian organization or working in leadership at non-profit organizations.

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