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At Toccoa Falls College, we know that parents and family are vital encouragers, supporters, and insight providers during the college search process and far beyond. That’s why we value keeping you involved in your student’s journey to Toccoa Falls College.

We encourage you to visit this page throughout the process to learn more about what is happening at TFC and how you can help your student through the admissions and financial aid process. We also have a TFC Parents & Family Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, contact our Director of Admissions, Shelby Ryals at 


Parent testimonial

Our experiences at Toccoa Falls College have been simply amazing. From the moment Addison and I found TFC, we have had such peace in knowing TFC is where she was called to be. During our campus tour, every single person we met or crossed paths with was so kind and welcoming. It felt like coming home. As a single mother, the cost of college absolutely terrified me. On the day we toured the campus, we met with the kindest Admissions Counselor who told Addison she had not only been accepted to the college, but also would be receiving a scholarship every semester until she graduated. I still remember crying, thinking what a mighty and gracious God we serve. Everything was falling into place for Addison, but God did not stop there. She was awarded additional scholarships, she got a job working on campus where she has had wonderful mentors and friends, and she is finishing up her first season with the TFC Women’s Basketball Team. What God has ordained, no man can change. He brought her to this beautiful place, He has kept her throughout her journey, and He has used TFC to prepare her for the mission field. The donors, administration, faculty- the entire TFC family-hold such a special place in our hearts and we are so very grateful for all they have done since Addison made her way to Georgia. We look forward to giving back to the ones who have given so much to us.
– Wendy, mother of TFC Sophomore Addison
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