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The mission of the Center for Academic Success at TFC is to provide a professional testing environment for students and community that enables test takers to perform at their maximum ability. We are happy to serve Stephens and the surrounding northeast Georgia counties with a CLEP testing facility close to home. We deliver a variety of services to assist students and faculty in maintaining TFC’s goal of academic excellence. In order to provide professional standards in testing services, the Center maintains membership with and adheres to guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association.

CLEP Testing The goal of the CLEP Administration Services is to provide efficient test administration and services for the community and students of Toccoa Falls College. Institutional tests include the Institutional Challenge Examination (ICE). Nationally-normed tests include the College Level Examination (CLEP) Tests. These institutional and nationally-normed tests are administered through the Center for Academic Success at various times throughout the year. CLEP Information
Tutoring Services The goal of Tutoring Services is to provide a variety of academic and support services for student achievement and adjustment in college. Tutoring services are available free of charge to currently enrolled students requesting academic assistance. Tutoring involves one-on-one assistance from qualified students who have been approved by the director and the faculty in a given subject area. Tutoring is available for most subjects offered at Toccoa Falls College. Online students in need of tutoring should contact the Director, Mrs. Nancy Hyndman at Contact
Academic Advising

Academic advising is a process that helps students make informed decisions about their academic path. Advisors provide guidance on course selection, degree requirements, and other academic matters, and can also help students connect with resources on campus and plan for their future after graduation. Current students will be assigned an advisor upon enrolling at Toccoa Falls College. These advisors are dedicated faculty from your academic area of interest and are specifically trained in ensuring that you maximize your experience at TFC. Whether you’re a new student looking for guidance on course selection or a returning student seeking support for your academic journey, your advisor is here to help.

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Disabilities Support The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a person with a disability as any person who has physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, and working), has record of impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment. The Center for Academic Success provides a variety of academic and support services based on the individual needs of each student. Feel free to visit our office in the lower level of Earl Hall. We will be happy to meet by appointment with any student requesting assistance. Online students with disabilities or who wish to inquire about disabilities should contact the Director, Mrs. Nancy Hyndman at She will contact you to summarize our services and to troubleshoot your eligibility for disabilities services. Email