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Paying for college can be overwhelming, but it’s an investment that will last a lifetime. We believe that a premier education at Toccoa Falls College is one of the best things that you can invest in and is likely more affordable than you expect. We are proud to offer comprehensive and personalized financial aid packages for every accepted student that detail your exact cost.

We’re Here to Help

We understand financial aid can be the most difficult component to choosing a college. As you go through the entire process, know that we are committed to you – and equipping you with resources through exemplary Christ-like service. Incoming students, we encourage you to contact your admissions counselor or the admissions office directly at

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Commitment to Resources
There are limitless aid options available. We are committed to an affordable, Christ-centered education and seek to equip you with the resources to receive the most possible aid at Toccoa Falls College.
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Commitment to Service
Financial aid and admissions counselors work closely with students and their families throughout the entire financial aid process. We are devoted to offering exemplary Christ-like service to every student.
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Commitment to You
We are dedicated to a holistic financial aid approach which puts the student’s best interest first. While we hope that every student will decide to enroll, we are committed to you whether you decide on TFC or not.

Staff Profiles

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Donovan Smith Director of Financial Aid 706.914.8671
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Anne Norris Assistant Director of Financial Aid 706.914.8681
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Skye Monroe Financial Aid Counselor 706.756.6228