Why TFC?


The Christian College of Georgia

Toccoa Falls College is a premier Christian college that uniquely integrates biblical truth, academic excellence, and intentional spiritual formation within a caring Christian community. The heart of our campus is to foster an experience that allows students to center on Christ in preparation of their vocation. Learn why TFC is The Christian College of Georgia.

17 Average Class Size
2500+ Total Enrollment
100% of Residential Students Receive Financial Aid
55 Programs Offered

Christ-centered community

Toccoa Falls College is not just Christian in name, but in everyday practice. Jesus is at the core of who we are and our desire is to incorporate our faith into every part of the culture. TFC is devoted to growth in Jesus and this community. We humbly and wholeheartedly invest in this people and this place.

Academic excellence

Toccoa Falls College is regionally accredited and offers a variety of majors and programs that are designed to prepare students personally and professionally for service in the Kingdom of God. With small class sizes and intentional investment from dedicated faculty, students receive an education that will prepare them for life after graduation. Our faculty and students are compelled toward excellence and we glorify Christ by expecting the best from others and ourselves in our academic endeavors.

Affordable education

With total costs and average student debt that comes in well below the national average for private colleges and universities, Toccoa Falls College is among the most affordable options for Christian higher education. Our dedicated admissions and financial aid staff is determined to help students and families navigate the college process. Ranked as a “Best Value” college by U.S News and World report, TFC seeks to provide students with a custom financial aid package that allows them to experience the value of a Christian education.