Toccoa Falls, Ga. (February 14, 2024) – Christian higher education is taken seriously at Toccoa Falls College. More than a time for job preparation, TFC strives to create lifelong leaders and learners in the way of Jesus. The staff, faculty, students, and community form a unique environment where students can become experts in their field of study while growing deeper into their relationships with the Lord. TFC doesn’t seek to diminish other colleges but instead makes a statement about the values, strengths, and opportunities at The Christian College of Georgia.

TFC provides students with a solid Biblical foundation for life, regardless of their major. Each program demonstrates active faith expressed in love, as Paul instructs in his letter to the Galatians (5:6-7). Students are given countless opportunities for growth not only to facilitate future career plans but, more importantly, to support who they become as individuals. Service and outreach projects and spiritual formation opportunities are just a couple of the ways in which TFC uniquely invests in the lives of students.

With God’s Word at the center, TFC is structured on every level to develop godly character with intellect. This mission is ongoing and is indwelled within our faculty, staff, and students. Together, TFC is an invaluable Christian community of believers who provide students with encouragement, mentorship, friendship, love, and so much more. To learn more about why Toccoa Falls College is The Christian College of Georgia, please visit If you still have questions about what this looks like, you can contact our Director of Admissions, Shelby Ryals, at