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The School of Christian Ministries is comprised of three departments that provide biblical and ministerial degree concentrations for students preparing for a wide variety of vocational ministry. The Bible and Theology Department offers degree programs in Biblical Studies, Biblical Languages, and Christian Thought. There is also a Bible and Theology degree for students wishing to double major outside of their primary discipline. The Global Ministries Department offers degree programs in Global Engagement, Cross-Cultural Business Administration, and Sustainable Community Development. The Ministry and Leadership Department offers degree programs in Ministry Leadership, Outdoor Leadership and Education, Pastoral Ministries, and Youth Ministries. These programs prepare students for immediate entrance into vocational ministries and provide excellent preparation for graduate programs in related disciplines. Each degree includes 30 hours of Biblical and Theological courses. All programs provide practical application experiences and include four semesters of community service and outreach. Many of the degrees include a summer internship consistent with each student’s field of study. Our professors are well prepared academically and experientially to teach and counsel students toward their career objective. TFC and the School of Christian Ministries is a wise choice in your journey. We look forward to hearing your story, advising and guiding you during your time of study, and prayerfully watching God place you in vocational ministry.


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School of Christian Ministries
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