Global Engagement

The Global Engagement major produces graduates who integrate the pursuit of truth with godly character pertinent to professionally communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of other cultures, and establishing faith communities. The major contributes to an understanding of cross-cultural principles drawn from cultural anthropology and missiology, competence in the application of skills and knowledge in a specific cultural context, and comprehension of the history, theology, and strategy of Christian missions. Students use this knowledge to develop a personalized plan for language acquisition, cross-cultural ministry competence, and growth in their understanding and application of biblical principles to daily life and the discipling of others.


  • Church Planting and Enlargement
  • Cross-Cultural Bible Teaching and Counseling
  • Cross-Cultural TESOL
  • Discipleship
  • Sustainable Development
  • World Religion

Program Layout

The Global Engagement major is a 127 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible & Theology), 15 hours of open electives, and 43 hours in Global Engagement-specific courses. Classes include Applied Ethnography, Sociolinguistics, History of Missions, Church Health, Training & Discipling, Strategy of Missions, and Urban Ministry & Practicum.
Global Engagement gallery image
Global Engagement gallery image