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Why Study Global Engagement at TFC?

The Global Engagement major produces graduates who integrate the pursuit of truth with godly character pertinent to professionally engaging with people of diverse cultures in a holistic and biblical manner. This major equips students with the foundational knowledge and skills that will empower the graduate to work in a variety of jobs that require the ability to engage with people of diverse worldviews and languages. The major provides an understanding of and appreciation for cultures and diversity. Through in-class and experiential learning, vital skills are acquired in learning from and communicating among diverse cultures. Students develop an awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependency of global partnerships for engaging with the world.

Current social issues are studied with the view that the students will be better prepared to address such issues. Foundational to being prepared to engage people of diverse cultures with a Christo-centric approach is having insight into the vital responsibility and role the Church has in a global society. In this program, students study what a healthy church is and such a church can strategically engage its community and the world. An important part of this major is an internship where students apply their knowledge and further develop their skills while living among people of diverse backgrounds. This major lays a strong foundation for graduates who desire to, in cooperation with the church, holistically minister the good news of Jesus Christ to people of other cultures.

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  • Church Planting & Enlargement
  • World Religions
  • Sustainable Community Development
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Global Ministries

“The Global Ministries Department is preparing students to go out and make the most meaningful impact in the communities where they live, work and serve.”

Forest Schell, M.A.
Global Ministries Department Chair

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Global Engagement Courses

The Global Engagement major is a 126 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible & Theology), 15 hours of open electives, and 42 hours in Global Engagement-specific courses.

Featured Courses:

  • Religious Belief Systems
  • Holistic Ministry
  • Language
  • Culture & Communication
  • Foundations for Global Ministry
  • Church Health
Ah Xiong


This program helped open my eyes to the world right before me. It taught me interpersonal skills, language acquisition, how to be aware of different cultures and how to embrace those differences, and how to effectively communicate the Gospel. In this program I learned how to be a researcher, an ethnographer, a listener, an effective church planter, and so much more! Most importantly, I learned how to be a learner. You can’t be effective among others if you are not a learner, because it isn’t until you put yourselves in others’ shoes that you will best serve them. I saw examples of this embodied in the professors, who cared for my well-being and not just my GPA. They explained the relevancy of each lesson, shared their experiences, poured into students’ lives, and were intentional about getting to know each and every student. I am so thankful for their impact on this program!
Ah Xiong, Class of 2021
Career Choices

What can you do with a Global Engagement degree?

When you earn a degree in Global Engagement, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:

International Missionary

Those who earn a degree in global engagement are particularly passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel, which makes them well-suited to become a missionary.

Church Planter

Many denominations or faith-based organizations support church planting positions. These positions are pastors that are committed to the specific work of investing the time and energy necessary to establish new local Christian congregations.


Global Engagement students may seek further education to pursue becoming a chaplain. Chaplains oversee pastoral responsibilities in a non-church setting and serve in variety of areas such as military, sports, hospitals or corporate offices.

Church Director

In many churches, there are a variety of directors who serve under the Pastor. Graduates with a global engagement degree are a perfect fit for these positions, specifically positions related to missions or church planting.

Meet the Professors

Global Engagement

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Scott Davis Operations Manager for Sustainable Development
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