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Program Overview

Why Study Bible & Theology at TFC?

This major is uniquely designed to serve as a secondary major for students wishing to double major outside of their primary discipline and is only available to students with a primary major outside of the Bible & Theology Department. The double major in Bible & Theology provides students with an in-depth look into both the Old and New Testaments, allowing them to develop both a personal and practical application of the teachings of the Bible, while also pursuing their primary degree option.

Students in the Bible & Theology double major are equipped with knowledge, skill, and character pertinent to detailed knowledge of Old and New Testament literature and theology (both historical and systematic). Students will be also equipped with advanced skills in personal and practical application of biblical and theological principles, as well as fundamental skills in research, writing, and presentation of material appropriate to students’ professional goals. With only a couple extra courses a student can graduate from TFC with two bachelor’s degrees in the same amount of time it takes most to get one! 

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  • Biblical Languages
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Religion
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Bible & Theology

“The Bible and Theology program will help lead students to understand the Bible better and lead them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We highly value biblical thinking and so a lot of our students really want to understand how the Bible speaks today and how to apply that in a Christian context.”

Dr. Kevin R. Burris
Bible and Theology Department Chair, Professor of Biblical Studies & Languages

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Bible & Theology Courses

The double major in Bible & Theology builds upon courses already taken to satisfy the 30-hour Bible & Theology core for all programs, and enables students to increase their focus on biblical and theological studies. Students are able to individualize their study by choosing the Bible and Theology classes they would like to take in order to meet the double major credit hour requirements.

Featured Courses:

  • Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Foundations of Spiritual Formation
  • Critical Issues in Theology
  • Systematic Theology
Tim Heath


I decided to double-major in Bible & Theology because I knew that I wanted to study the Bible, know more about who God is, and what His word says. However, I did not fully realize the effect that my studies would have on my own walk with the Lord. With each class, I find that my faith is more equipped to tackle hard questions. I don’t just learn information about God, but I find God for my own through His word. The Bible & Theology professors teach students how to think not by forcing their views on their content, but instead teaching students how to logically reason with God and embrace the tensions of the Bible on their own.
Tim Heath, Class of 2022
Career Options

What can you do with a Bible & Theology Degree?

Anything! Our Bible & Theology graduates have primary degrees in numerous fields related to business, ministry and the humanities. When you earn a Bible & Theology degree, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of Bible & Theology degree jobs, such as:


Many graduates who earn a bachelor’s degree in bible & theology go on to pursue their calling to become a pastor. There are opportunities to specialize as a pastor, such as working as a youth pastor or serving as a teaching pastor. In most cases, the pastor serves as the leader of the church organization, managing the administration of the church as well as providing spiritual insight and guidance for all parishioners.

Those who earn a bible & theology degree are particularly passionate about the Bible and its teachings, which makes them well-suited to a career in education. Most bible & theology graduates teach in Christian environments at the elementary, secondary or collegiate level.

With a degree in bible & theology, graduates are uniquely qualified to serve as a mental health counselor, a youth counselor, a guidance counselor or a substance abuse counselor. These job opportunities provide those who are passionate about Christian teaching with an opportunity to serve those who are in need and provide them with insight into the Bible that will help them to live a well-rounded, faith-filled life. The Bible & Theology degree does not lead to a professional counseling licensure; however, it does qualify students to enter into the M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy which does lead to this licensure.

Church Director

In many churches, there are a variety of directors who serve under the Pastor, such as the Worship Director, the Youth Ministry Director or the Christian Education Director. Graduates with a bible & theology degree are the perfect fit for these positions, as they have an intimate understanding of the Bible, and they know how to practically apply the lessons that are found within the Old and New Testaments.