International Student Admission

International students may be citizens of the United States with foreign academic credentials, permanent residents of the US, or non-resident students who must study from their home country. Toccoa Falls College cannot issue paperwork for graduate students to obtain a student (F-1) visa. The following details the requirements for international student admission.

International Student Application Procedures

In order to be considered for admission, international students must meet the standard Graduate Admissions Requirements with the following stipulations and provisions:

  1. Official College and/or University Transcript(s): Official transcripts (written in English or translation, if not in English) of students’ college or university work must be sent directly from the college or university to Toccoa Falls College. If original documents are not available, certified copies will be accepted. TFC will consider three-year international bachelor degrees for admission into graduate level programs. The acceptance of three-year international bachelor degrees is contingent upon the students foreign credential evaluation (from a TFC approved evaluation agency). The evaluation must indicate: “That the degree prepares the student for graduate level studies” OR “Given the relatively high proportion of coursework completed in the major field of study, the foreign degree program has prepared this student to meet minimum graduate admission eligibility standards”. If the evaluation indicates that the three-year bachelor degree does not prepare the student for graduate level studies, the student must complete a degree equivalent to a US bachelor degree prior to entering a graduate program. The following countries will be considered for three-year bachelor degrees: Bologna Process participating countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India (Bachelor in Commerce ONLY).
  2. English Language Proficiency Documentation: Since all instruction, reading, and research is in English, it is essential that all international students be able to understand and speak English fluently. In light of this, the college requires for graduate admission a paper-based TOEFL score of 575, computer-based TOEFL score of 233, or an Internet-based TOEFL score of 90 for students whose native language is not English, or whose primary language of instruction on the undergraduate level was not English. A student’s TOEFL requirement may be waived if s/he has scored above the minimum score for acceptance on either the GMAT or GRE.

It is highly recommended that international students applying to TFC should submit an application at least four to six months prior to the desired date of enrollment.