M.A. Christian Ministry

Program Overview

Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, GA

A fully online master’s degree in ministry can provide theological education, character formation, and practical experience in a flexible, affordable format that does not require relocation.

This degree is 36-hours, fully online, and able to be completed in 15-18 months. It includes course work in biblical and theological studies, ministry, and leadership and is designed to provide graduate level preparation for those already in ministry—or those seeking to transition to ministry—in a variety of contexts.

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By drawing course work from the focus areas of bible and theology, ministry and leadership, and global ministries, graduates will be prepared to serve in diverse ministry settings. Toccoa Falls College grants advanced standing of up to 12 hours to qualified undergraduate students toward the MAChM degree.

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

“Whether you want to work in a church, a non-profit organization, or in the mission field, our Christian Ministry program provides the rich theological education, character formation and practical experience that is needed in Christian ministry and leadership. We wanted to make sure the program had a variety of course work including courses in biblical and theological studies, ministry, and leadership, with elective course options in intercultural studies and counseling. If you are a Christian leader in any context or feel called to full-time ministry, this program will provide the graduate level preparation to participate more fully into your vocation.”

Dr. Chris Vena
Dean, School of Christian Ministries

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M.A. Christian Ministry Courses

The M.A. in Christian Ministry is a 36 credit hour asynchronous online program with 30 credit hours dedicated to the ministry foundations core and 6 hours dedicated to elective courses in a variety of areas including bible & theology, intercultural studies, and counseling.

Featured Courses:

  • Interpreting & Teaching the Bible
  • Christian Ethics
  • Spiritual Formation in Leadership
  • Ministry for a Lifetime
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Ecclesial Frameworks


The MA in Christian Ministry is a great option for students who are looking for well-rounded and accessible ministry training that will help prepare them for effective service in an increasingly complex world. This program also presents a real opportunity for students in the Southeast region of the US who are looking for a type of ministry training that isn’t denominationally insular in its outlook, but instead is grounded in a missional commitment to global Christianity. The program is new to TFC’s offerings, and so there is a great deal of excitement about the program, as well as support from TFC to make sure that students have a rewarding experience as they prepare for a lifetime of ministry.
Dr. Phil Strickland, Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Program Benefits

M.A. in Christian Ministry

For those who want to pursue a career in Christian ministry, the MAChM program at Toccoa Falls College is an ideal option. This program offers:

  • An excellent, high-quality, counseling graduate program. All courses are taught by qualified professors with ministry expertise.
  • A purposeful biblical worldview perspective. Every class integrates this perspective, ensuring that you can proceed with a Christ-centered ministry.
  • A transformative experience for students, allowing you to grow in understanding your purpose and your calling as a minister as part of God’s bigger plan.
  • An affordable program, allowing anyone who feels called to ministry to have access to a valuable educational experience.
  • A user-friendly online learning platform. Students in our online programs appreciate that our platform is both attractive and engaging, which enhances their overall experience at Toccoa Falls College.
  • Small class sizes. We feel that our low student-to-instructor ratio allows our students to better connect with the material and to master the skills needed to succeed in their ministry degree program.
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MAChM Faculty

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