M. A. Organizational Leadership

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership develops marketplace professionals with advanced organizational knowledge, skills, and research capabilities for service in leadership roles in business, government, non-profit, or educational settings by integrating the pursuit of truth with Godly character. Students may complete the graduate program using a one-year degree plan or a two-year degree plan, allowing learners to balance academic, professional, and personal life commitments. This fully online organizational leadership master’s degree program is designed for convenience, professional growth, and depth of biblical understanding of leadership principles and vocation.

A Master’s in Organizational Leadership allows you to forge a flexible and personalized career path. When you graduate with an MAOL degree, you can consider many career possibilities, such as working as an organizational consultant, a program director, or a ministry or corporate manager. Most of all, you will improve your personal leadership skills, adding value to your current organization and increasing your marketability in any field.

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  • Intercultural Studies
  • Management
  • Ministry
  • Sport Management

Program Layout

The online masters degree in organizational leadership at Toccoa Falls College consists of 33 credit hours. Within the program, students must complete 24 credit hours of core MAOL degree courses and 9 credit hours in their chosen concentration, or from a mix of electives. Some of the course topics within the core master's in organizational leadership program include Organizational Theory and Culture, Developing Research in Leadership and Christian Leadership and Work, to name a few. As an online degree program, students have both flexibility and autonomy as they work to complete their program alongside existing personal and professional responsibilities.

Program Benefits

The online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program at Toccoa Falls College is an innovative and versatile degree program that allows students to earn a graduate degree and enhance their career. This program offers:
  • An excellent, high-quality and rigorous academic program. All of the courses within the MAOL degree program are taught by qualified professors with expertise in their chosen fields.
  • A purposeful integration of a biblical worldview perspective, allowing you to become a leader with strategic insight and a Christian foundation.
  • A focus on transforming into a leader who understands their purpose in life and who believes that their career path is a calling that is part of God's bigger plan.
  • An affordable program that ensures everyone who is interested in this program has access to it. The online masters degree in organizational leadership consists of 33 credit hours, and costs less than $17,000 to complete. It is one of the most affordable programs in the market.
  • An asynchronous online schedule that gives students control over how and when they complete their coursework. This is ideal for students who are currently working full-time or who are balancing personal responsibilities.
  • An engaging online learning platform. This interactive, user-friendly platform streamlines the process of completing a masters in organizational leadership.
There are few master's degrees in organizational leadership programs that are not only affordable but also rooted in the Christian faith. Our administrative team is proud of the school's history of academic quality and is constantly working to provide all students with a valuable educational experience. At Toccoa Falls College, you will benefit from our strong, interconnected community, and you will feel supported by our caring and personable professors.
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