Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy

Program Overview

Why Study Trauma Therapy at TFC?

This certificate program is designed for licensed mental health professionals who may be working clinically with people who have experienced trauma due to humanitarian disasters, mass or individual casualty, or emotional, physical or sexual abuse, and for ministry professionals working in church or parachurch organizations. This is a non-licensure program that trains students in the skills and knowledge to provide ethical, competent, and compassionate care within a multicultural, integrated Christian framework.

Keeping a Christian perspective at the forefront, this Christian trauma counseling certificate will provide students with the insight, skills and knowledge needed to recognize symptoms and develop treatment plans for those suffering from trauma-induced mental health conditions. Students are able to become specialized leaders within their Church community and faith-based organization(s), by obtaining this online certificate.


Graduates who pursue this program find that it improves their credentials and gives them an opportunity to work in a variety of settings where they can apply their professional expertise in a faith-based setting. Be sure to explore the courses offered as part of our Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy.

Degree Layout

Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy Courses

The Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy is a 15 credit hour program focused specifically Christian trauma counseling.

Featured Courses:

  • Assessment & Treatment of PTSD
  • Counseling for Grief & Loss
  • Unique Populations in Trauma Therapy
  • Treatment of Complex PTSD
  • Crisis & Disaster Response
Dr. Heather Davediuk Gingrich


In contemporary society we are increasingly aware of the devastating effects of traumatic experiences on individuals and communities, including the church. The Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy will prepare students to work with people who have experienced a wide range of traumatic events. The five courses cover the broad spectrum of trauma care. Students can choose to take just one or two courses that are of particular interest or complete the full certificate over one year. All courses are offered in an asynchronous online format, allowing students to complete course requirements around their schedule. Whether you are already a mental health professional and would like some focused training on trauma, or you are a person in ministry called to walk alongside those who are survivors of trauma, this certificate will broaden and deepen your skills and knowledge about how to effectively and compassionately respond to trauma experiences.
Heather Davediuk Gingrich, Program Director of Certificate in Trauma Therapy
Program Benefits

Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy

The Graduate Certificate in Trauma Therapy is a 15 credit hour program that includes courses like Crisis and Disaster Response, Treatment of Complex PTSD, Counseling for Grief and Loss, and more! A trauma focused therapy certification is the ideal way to enhance an existing master’s degree in Christian counseling, or another graduate degree that allows students to work in the counseling and therapy sector. This certification provides graduates with an opportunity to focus their expertise in a specific realm of counseling, and gives the chance to provide that type of care through the lens of the Bible. Some of the post-graduate career benefits that students realize after earning a Christian trauma therapy certification include:

  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of trauma-based disorders. It may sound surprising, but other behavioral health professionals may not realize that some signs and symptoms of mental health conditions are actually related to traumatic events. With this knowledge and ability to recognize, graduates become empathetic counselors who can provide effective, faith-based care.
  • In addition to gaining knowledge throughout this certificate program, students also focus on skill development. This certificate program arms graduates with the diagnostic and treatment skills needed to care for individuals who have experienced both childhood and adult trauma. Our well-rounded education and focused approach ensures that graduates are able to successfully counsel and care for their patients.
  • The demand for professionals with a deep understanding of trauma-related mental health conditions and disorders is increasing with each passing year. As professionals who treat trauma in Christian counseling, graduates find career opportunities in a variety of settings, including in churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, Christian schools, hospitals, clinical settings and more.
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