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Advances in technology and globalization are changing the field of business every day, but the need for integrity in business and a biblical worldview in your professional life have not. The Business Administration Department curriculum at Toccoa Falls College prepares you for the global marketplace, equipping you via a comprehensive degree program integrating business knowledge and skills, biblical studies, and the personal character development you need as a “Good Steward.”

To achieve our mission of preparing Christian servant leaders we are committed to:

• A broad-based business education including courses from marketing to accounting, business ethics to management information systems, and organization and administration of sport to international business
• Hands-on learning and small class sizes—demonstrating our dedication to student success as we provide a quality, accredited, Christian business education
• An authentic community passionate about integrating faith and practice—presenting business courses from a biblical perspective

We offer a Bachelor’s Degree in five majors including Business Administration, Cross-Cultural Business, Nonprofit Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Sport Management. In addition, we offer a two-year Associate of Arts in Business Administration and several minors beyond the majors including Management, Marketing, and International Business.

Together, we will help you prepare for a successful professional career with strong ethical and moral standards in commerce, industry, sport, or nonprofit either domestic or international.

– Dr. Nathan A. Clay, Department Chair 

Choose your career path with one of six degree programs.

Business courses are presented from a biblical perspective — integrating faith and practice — while equipping students with knowledge of the best current business practices along with 30 semester hours of Bible and theology courses.



  • Business Administration
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Nonprofit Business Administration
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Physical Education: Coaching
  • Sport Management
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Dr. Nathan Clay
Department Chair
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Dr. Nathan A. Clay

Business Administration Department Chair, Assistant Professor of Business Administration