Sport Management

The Sport Management major produces marketplace professionals with sport management knowledge and skills for service in sport organizations, media, events, and facilities by integrating the pursuit of truth with godly character. Students obtain a broad-based education that not only gives them management expertise, but also contributes to proficiency in communication and analytical skills needed for successful performance in today’s industry. Our graduates leave with knowledge of the best practices in sport management, skills that are essential in the workplace, and positive attitudes that will help them move into leadership positions in their career. Taught from a biblical perspective, our courses equip graduates to become marketplace professionals with strong ethical and moral standards in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

The sports management degree at Toccoa Falls College prepares students for a degree in the sports industry, providing them with the in-depth industry knowledge they need as well as management skills necessary to succeed in a variety of settings, such as sports organizations, media outlets, event planning firms and sports facilities. The degree in sports management can be completed both in-person and online, with many students finding that the online sports management degree provides them with the flexibility to pursue an affordable education.


  • Bible & Theology
  • Counseling
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Social Work
  • Youth Ministries

Program Layout

The Sport Management major is a 127 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses, 15 hours of open electives, and 43 hours in Sport Management-specific courses. Classes include Organization & Administration of Sport, Sport Law & Ethics, Event & Facility Management in Sport & Entertainment, First Aid, CPR, & Life Fitness, and Coaching Techniques.

What Can You Do with a Sports Management Degree?

The sports management bachelor's degree is designed to prepare marketplace professionals with a sports-focused skill set, allowing students to combine their passion for sports with their drive to succeed in a global economy. Our graduates qualify for many different types of sports management degree jobs, such as:
  • Sports Marketing Professional — When you earn a sports management degree online, you can kickstart your career as a sports marketing professional. A sports marketer is a marketing professional who focuses on the sports industry, relying on public relations and communications skills to promote a team or organization within the local community.
  • Event or Game Day Coordinator — A professional with a bachelor's degree in sports management is qualified to become a game day coordinator. There are a lot of moving parts involved in planning and executing a sporting event, which is why an experienced professional is needed in order to create a lively atmosphere filled with friendly competition and camaraderie.
  • Athletic Director — If you are particularly passionate about the management aspect of your degree program, then you may be well-suited for a position as an athletic director. An athletic director oversees the entire athletic department of an organization and is responsible for managing the program budget as well as hiring all personnel for the athletic department. An athletic director may be employed at a local school, university or recreation department.
  • Facilities Manager — Graduates with an online sports management degree may be able to work as a facilities manager. A facilities manager is in charge of overseeing a particular athletic facility, and may work at the local, regional or national level. Some of the responsibilities that you may take on as a facilities manager include working with third parties in order to contract events, partnering with vendors to supply food, beverages and products for your events and overseeing improvements and renovations at your facility.
  • Sports Agent — For those with a degree in sports management who want to focus solely on the sports aspect of their chosen field, a sports agent is an ideal career option. A sports agent works as a representative for an athlete, ultimately working to place the athlete on a successful path forward. A sports agent is responsible for securing opportunities for their athlete and ensuring that they get a sport on the best possible team. An agent also will be on the lookout for sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, and will coordinate public relations events for their athlete.
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