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The world needs leaders who have thought deeply about the Christian faith and the implications of the Gospel for today. Churches need pastors who create vibrant Christian communities grounded in faithful interpretation of Scripture. The Academy needs scholars who dynamically contextualize biblical truth and theology in order to engage culture. Society needs followers of Jesus who communicate truth with philosophical rigor and theological coherence in a compelling way.

Our professors help train the future leaders, pastors, scholars, and disciples who will carry out these tasks. Our majors challenge students to examine deep worldview questions such as the nature of truth, the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ, the origin and goal of creation, the problem of evil and suffering, and the nature and being of God, through rigorous study of Scripture and the great traditions of the Christian faith.


Can I get a job?
Yes, the skills you develop building your degree in Bible and Theology serve as good preparation for certain kinds of jobs right out of college. They are even better preparation for graduate school, a requirement for the most desirable jobs.

What practical value is there?
Not only is there a practical, vocational benefit to degrees in Bible and Theology, there is also the benefit of personal faith development. Our majors provide the important skills training of a language and liberal arts education, but also the development of personal biblical and theological knowledge derived from a faith education.

There are other practical values: Bible/theology majors tend to have some of the top scores on graduate school entrance exams (GRE, LSAT, and GMAT). Studies also show they start at respectable salaries (whatever the job) and have a higher rise in salary than those trained in other disciplines.



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Dr. Kevin Burris
Department Chair
  • 706-886-7299, x5279
  • 107 Kincaid Drive, MSC 778 Toccoa Falls, GA 30598

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Dr. Kevin Burris

Dr. Kevin R. Burris

Bible & Theology Department Chair, Professor of Biblical Studies & Languages