Music Education

Program Overview

Why Study Music Education at TFC?

The Music Education major equips future servant leaders with knowledge of the diverse learners and content they will teach, skills in planning instruction, assessing, and managing, as well as character reflecting appropriate interaction with the school community, life-long learning, and a calling as a Christian servant leader with a Biblical worldview for kingdom service. The Professional Teaching Objectives for this major are based on the TAPS standards. This program leads to certification in grades kindergarten through 12.

Students in this major specialize in either choral or instrumental music. Students in this program must perform an entrance audition for the Music Department. The degree in Music Education is offered under the Teacher Education department, but partners with the Music Department in fulfilling degree requirements. The programs offer concentrations in choral or instrumental music.

conductor in front of a not pictured orchestra
  • Choral
  • Instrumental
Degree Layout

Music Education Courses

The Music Education major is a 126 hour program that includes 51 hours of general education courses, 15 hours of Bible & Theology, 3 hours of open electives, and 70 hours in Music Education-specific courses.

Featured Courses:

  • Introduction to Music Education
  • Pedagogy of Music
  • Music Theory
  • Teaching Music
Rachel LeGrand


I chose to attend Toccoa Falls college for my undergrad because of the community on campus and the Music Education program. I knew that I wanted to attend a smaller, Christian school, and that I wanted to teach. Toccoa Falls provided both of these things. As a student at TFC I felt cared for. Music Education is not an easy program to complete, but I was able to accomplish it with the support of the TFC community and professors.
Rachel LeGrand, Class of 2016
Career Options

What can you do with a Music Education degree?

When you earn a degree in Music Education, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:

Music Teacher

Those who earn a music education degree are particularly passionate about music, which makes them well-suited to a career in music education.

Choir/Band Director

As choir or band director, you would be responsible for leading and directing students during musical performances. Music Education graduates would be prepared to manage the rehearsal process and music selection that comes with this role.


As a music education graduate, students would be prepared to become a full-time musician or performing artist. Careers in this area could include becoming a session musician or a background vocalist. Opportunities could be available in music production or editing as well.

Music Therapist

A music therapist works with individuals and groups using music in a clinical setting to help patients achieve healing.