Earn money while enrolled

The Federal Work Study program is a form of financial assistance that allows students to earn money through on-campus employment while they are enrolled. Work-study is an opportunity for professional development alongside additional aid options. The Federal Work Study program is not a traditional form of financial assistance because earned money goes directly to the student in the form of a paycheck. Learn more about the work-study process and how this aid works below:



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1. Submit Your FAFSA
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2. Select your interest in Federal Work Study on your FAFSA
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3. Search for on campus jobs
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4. Enroll in a payment plan to apply funds monthly to student account

The Federal Work Study program is different from other
types of aid such as scholarships or grants because:

It is the student’s responsibility to secure work on campus. There are a variety of job opportunities on campus. Learn more about Student Employment opportunities Student Employment
Work study is not a guaranteed amount of aid.
While a student’s initial award is up to $1000 per year, the student is only paid for hours worked. Any earnings beyond $1000 will still be funded.
Work study earnings are not automatically applied toward tuition and fees. These earnings are paid directly to the student through payroll twice a month. Payment Plan Information

Additional Information

Since there are fewer positions than eligible students, the college confirms work-study awards in the order that it receives deposits.

The college takes federal and state taxes out of wages earned and issues checks to students twice a month.

For more information regarding eligibility and wages please visit the Student Employment section of  MyTFC or the Student Employment page.