Public Health

Public Health

The Public Health concentration can prepare you to work in public health careers such as a Health Educator working one on one with patients, a Community Health Worker liaising healthcare workers with diverse socioeconomic groups, or an Emergency Response Coordinator pulling together a team to respond to natural disasters or pandemics. This concentration can also prepare you for the more traditional career of Epidemiologist, or one of the emerging positions in Infection Prevention or Data Analyst. Likewise, this program can also prepare you to continue your education in Health Informatics, a growing field of data science used to make health insurance and policy decisions, or be the policy writer with Health Policy & Administrations.  

Biology Core – 13 hours

BIO 114  Biology I

BIO 124  Biology II

BIO 314   Genetics

BIO 411  Senior Seminar

Public Health Concentration – 21 hours

BIO 214  Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 224   Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO 323  Global Public Health

BIO 324  Medical Microbiology

BIO 433  Nutrition

BIO 453  Fundamentals of Epidemiology

Biology electives (6 hours)

hours must be from 300/400 level courses