Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Do all students meet with a career counselor?

No, students may be directed to use our services by instructors, or they may choose to use our offerings, but there is no general requirement.

What is the placement rate of Toccoa Falls College graduates?

We survey students between nine and twelve months after they have graduated, hoping that allows for a realistic time-frame to find employment or make a decision about the future.  We usually learn that close to 98% of the graduates we hear from are either employed, in graduate school, have joined the military or are doing a volunteer experience

What can my son/daughter do with their major?

We offer links to most of our majors that suggest possible careers that they can explore.

Are internships relevant to in the job market today?

Yes, employers like to hire students with internship experience and at least half of students will have such an experience by graduation.

How can my son/daughter be best prepared for the job search?

We recommend that students have the following by graduation:

  • An understanding of the career planning process.
  • A resume, preferably reviewed by a Career Development Center staff person.
  • At least one internship, or employment (on or off-campus) experience related to the student’s area of career interest.
  • Two opportunities to speak with professionals working in areas of their career interest.
  • An understanding of interviewing techniques, networking, and job search correspondence. See other parts of our Career Development Center website for documents and contact information for your student.

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