Student Employment

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Student Employment at Toccoa Falls College

Working on campus provides students with many benefits including professional development, schedule flexibility, and financial earnings to spend freely.

Toccoa Falls College employs 225-250 student employees every year, so there is variety and availability for students who are interested in working on campus. The most common departments on campus that students work at include: maintenance, admissions, athletics, custodial, bookstore, library, registrar, security, Odyssey Coffeehouse, and grounds crew.

Student Employment

Finding On Campus Jobs

Available job applications can be found under the Student Employment Section on MyTFC.  You can also search for positions with an account on College Central Network.  If you are an incoming student who does not have access to MyTFC yet, reach out to your admissions counselor for employment opportunities. Incoming students can not be hired for on-campus jobs until they have submitted their deposit.

Student Employment

Additional Employment Information & Eligibility


All students have the opportunity to seek on-campus employment. Supervisors have the flexibility to hire students of their choice, however, students that are eligible under the federal work-study program should fill 50% of the positions in every department when possible. The college cannot guarantee on-campus employment to any student, since there are more students interested in on-campus employment than there are positions available.

Taxes & Payment

State and federal taxes are deducted from student paychecks for all students, including work-study, non work-study, and international students. Different departments pay different hourly wages, but most begin at the state minimum wage and do not exceed $11 per hour.

Summer Work

Certain jobs are available for student employment over the summer. Students can work up to 39 hours per week in the summer.  The summer work program is separate from student employment during the academic year, therefore, work-study eligibility is not a factor for summer work. If students work at least 30 hours per week during the summer, they could be eligible for free housing on campus.