Career Tests

These tests are here to help you find more about yourself, your interests, and what’s important to you in life and in your career. Work through them and notice what they say about you and your potential careers. Follow the links and the instructions to find true things about yourself to guide your search process. If you have questions, please contact TFC’s Career Development Center and talk to someone about your results.

Myers-Briggs – Take the Jung Typology Test. At the bottom, (when you are done with the questions) score the test and print the score page. You will see 4 upper case letters and a number (strength of attributes). You can then Google your 4 letters and the word “careers” and you’ll get the beginning listings of job possibilities that fit your personality.

Holland Code/RIASEC – Score the test, write down your codes, and follow the link to O-NET where you will explore your results. If you don’t see many choices for 3 codes, mark you third none and find careers that interest you.

VALUES – Take the free test about what you value in a job – leisure, income, etc. (it’s about halfway down the page)

(optional) Take a Strong’s Interest Inventory online. It has a cost, but can give you a great idea of jobs and careers that appeal to you.

Additional Links:
A fun intuitive tool for identifying careers based on risk aversion and attention span.
Government jobs forecast and information (free). This site has everything you ever wanted to know about career titles and jobs.
Another personality test (like the Myers-Briggs) geared for business; (free for the test, but a cost for the full report individually geared to your results).
A full service career website that can walk you through the process of picking a career, education tracks and job search process.