International Admissions

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Toccoa Falls College welcomes undergraduate students from all around the world. Currently TFC is home to students from more than 32 countries.
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Applying for International Admission

  1. Apply to TFC for free as an on-campus student
  2. Submit ALL required application materials
    • Personal Testimony
    • English Proficiency Document
    • Official evaluated transcripts
  3. Receive admission decision

Application Materials

Personal Testimony

Your personal testimony is 200-300 words about when you came to know Jesus and where your relationship with Jesus is now. This can be submitted here.

English Proficiency Documents

All courses at Toccoa Falls College are taught in English, meaning proficiency of the English language will be vital to your success at TFC. Proof of English proficiency is required for admittance with any one of the following scores:

English Proficiency scores can be submitted unofficially on the application portal or sent through email to Official scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to Toccoa Falls College.

Evaluated Transcripts

All high school and college transcripts that consist of curriculum completed outside of the United States must be evaluated and translated by a professional evaluating company that is a member of NACES. Your transcript evaluation should be a course-by-course evaluation and overall grade point average calculation included.

For the most affordable and expedited evaluation service, we highly recommend using Span Tran. If you apply through the TFC Span Tran Portal, you will receive a discount on your evaluation cost.  Once your evaluation is completed, Span Tran directly sends Toccoa Falls College your official evaluated transcript. 

Start Your Transcript Evaluation 

If you would like to use a different evaluation company, please refer to this comprehensive list of accepted evaluation agencies. Any evaluation completed by an organization not on this list will not be accepted. 


Next Steps

After Acceptance


The fall term begins in the middle of  August and the spring term begins in the middle of January each year. Keep these start terms in mind as you go through the International Admissions process to allow time for application, transcript evaluations, potential admission, VISA wait times, and so on. You can refer to the Academic Catalog for exact start and end dates.

Financial Aid

TFC offers academic scholarships upon traditional admission ranging from $2,000 to  $10,000 per year. These scholarships are determined based on your past academic success. In addition to this, there are Church Matching Grants available to assist in your cost of attendance at TFC.

Proof of Funds

Once you have received your acceptance letter from Toccoa Falls College, you will need to provide proof of funds for the cost of attendance for one semester at TFC. Not sure what your specific cost of attendance is? Check out our Cost & Scholarships, contact your admissions counselor, or email Proof of funds include bank statements from any person who is supporting you financially to attend TFC. These statements may be from a personal account, family, church, scholarship, or financial sponsor.


Once proof of funds are received, TFC will move forward with issuing an I-20 via mail or email pending approval. The I-20 establishes a SEVIS identification number for you and allows you to apply for a student VISA.

Student VISA

Student VISA applications require your I-20 identification number and payment of the I-901 SEVIS Fee. After completing your VISA application, you should schedule an interview with your designated US Embassy or Consulate. Please note that interview wait times vary in length from a few days to several months depending on your location. Be sure to bring all required materials to your interview appointment. 

Keep in mind that Toccoa Falls College is only responsible for issuing the I-20 after admission alongside proof of funds and does not have any power, communication, or influence for VISA approval. For more information about the student VISA process, please visit Study in the States.


Toccoa Falls College does not offer medical insurance for students. While it is not a requirement for international students to have medical insurance, it is highly recommended. If you elect to carry medical insurance, you can search for a policy that meets your needs. Students in the past have searched through ISO and ISI. If you are a student athlete, please contact regarding your insurance requirements.