Registrar’s FAQ

How do I request a transcript?

One can find instructions on how to request a transcript on our Transcript Request page.

How do I get an Enrollment Verification for insurance or other purposes?

Either 1) refer your insurance company to the National Student Clearinghouse website or 2) print your own official enrollment verification certificate through your MyTFC account (in the left hand column under Registration Services).

What is the minimum credit hours needed for full-time status?

Twelve semester hours for spring or fall semesters is considered full time. A student taking a total of 12 credit hours over both summer sessions may be considered full-time (six hour limit in each session).

How can I request an excuse from jury duty?

Jury duty waiver requests are processed directly through the Registrar’s Office. You may contact us at 706.886.7299, ext. 5396 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm eastern time.

How do I register for classes?

Schedules for New Transfer Students or New Freshmen are made through the Registrar’s Office. Continuing students register through their Self-Service account. For more information on registering, see Registration Instructions

How do I request Instructor permission when registering in Self-Service?

Some courses in Self-Service require “Instructor Permission.” When you add the course to your cart, a window will pop up that has a “Request Instructor Permission” button. Click this button in order to generate a Self-Service internal email to the Instructor. If you feel that additional information is necessary, you may add a note in the “comments” box. Once the Instructor approves the request through his Self-Service account, you will be able to submit the course to your advisor for approval.

Who is my academic advisor?

Log on to your MyTFC account and your advisor will be listed in the left column under “Advisor Information”.

What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S.?

Colleges vary in the way they distinguish between the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. At TFC, the B.A degree requires second year college level proficiency in a second language, usually determined by 2 years/12 semester hours of the second language.

How do I enter a closed class?

One can enter a closed class by completing a Closed Class Form, and obtaining signatures from the instructor of the course and the Department Chair of the course. Bring the completed form to the Registrar’s Office during the Registration period.

When do I need to apply to graduate?

Students must apply to graduate during pre-registration one year in advance of their intended graduation date.

How can I see my child’s grades?

Ask your son or daughter for them. If you wish to further discuss your son or daughter’s grades with a school official, ask your child to sign a parental release in the Registrar’s Office (see also FERPA form).

What is the cost of an online class?

Degree Completion students pay $315 per credit hour for the 2017-18 academic year. Traditional program students pay the regular resident tuition rate, but may be eligible for institutional financial aid.

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