Your Degree is awarded in the term immediately following completion of all degree requirements. (Fall, Winterim, Spring, Summer I, Summer II). Commencement refers to the Graduation Ceremony held each year for those who have completed all degree requirements. Students completing their requirements in the following summer may appeal to the Dean’s Council to participate in the preceding Spring Commencement ceremony.


Commencement for the 2023 graduating class will be held on Friday, May 12th at 7:00pm in the Grace Alford Performing Arts Center.

Early in the Spring semester graduates will be contacted by email. The graduate or candidate for graduation will be expected to let the Registrar’s Office know if they plan to participate in Commencement. Students must complete all graduation requirements, including course work, Service And Outreach ministries, senior interviews/oral exams, required testing and academic and financial stipulations before participating in the commencement program. It is the students’ responsibility to work with their advisors and the degree audits provided by the Registrar’s Office to ensure that they complete all requirements for graduation. Students will order their caps and gowns through the college bookstore during the Spring semester. Students will be contacted by the Registrar’s Office prior to graduation with necessary information concerning the commencement.

Diplomas and transcripts will only be released to those students who satisfy all financial obligations to the college.



Application for Graduation

Although the Commencement program is held only in the Spring, students may have a graduation date for any of the five academic terms Fall, Winterim, Spring, Summer I and Summer II. December and Winterim graduates must submit an application for graduation during Schedule Selection in the fall semester one year in advance of their intended date. May and summer graduates must submit an application for graduation during Schedule Selection in the spring semester one year in advance. All course substitutions should be submitted at this time. All CLEP and ICE testing should be completed prior to earning 60 semester hours.