Transfer Admissions

The Christian College of Georgia

Whether you attended a community college close to home for the first couple of years, are searching to be a part of a distinctly Christian learning experience, or just looking for a new college to call home, we are honored that you are considering transferring to Toccoa Falls College. The Office of Admissions is dedicated to helping you throughout the entire transfer admissions process to make this exciting transition as simple and stress-free as possible.

Application Process

  • Submit your free application
  • Complete your 200-250 word testimony
  • Submit unofficial college transcripts from ALL attended institutions for admission decision
  • Submit official college transcripts from ALL attended institutions for transfer credit evaluation*

*Official transcripts are only those sent directly from the issuing institution to Toccoa Falls College. If you have questions about official transcripts, please contact your admission counselor or the admissions office at 706.914.8679 or

Why Transfer to TFC
The education. The community. The Falls.
An education at Toccoa Falls College uniquely challenges, encourages, and equips you for every aspect of life. Our faculty and staff are devoted to teaching you to think, problem solve, conceptualize, and make decisions for yourself which will leave you with the confidence to enter your chosen career field well prepared. Our community is indescribably special. The community is one of the many ways you will experience the development of godly character with intellect during your time here. TFC focuses on empowering you to make relationships that will truly last forever. Also you can’t forget the Falls, especially when it’s right in your backyard!
Transferring Credit to TFC
We understand that one of the biggest deciding factors in transferring colleges is based on how your classes transfer. Because Toccoa Falls College is regionally accredited through SACSCOC, TFC accepts most credits from other regionally accredited institutions, public and private. Your transfer admissions counselor will guide you through the process in finding out how your credits will transfer to TFC so that you can graduate as quickly as possible.

Transfer Student FAQ’s

How do I know if I am a transfer student?

At TFC, a transfer student is any student who has taken and passed 12 or more college credit hours AFTER receiving a high school diploma. Students who have completed dual enrollment or received college credit prior to graduating high school are considered first-year students and will have their credit evaluated prior to enrollment. 

What is the deadline to apply to transfer?

It is recommended that you apply no later than one week before classes begin for your intended start term. 

How many of my credits will transfer?

Use our Transfer Credit Calculator to get an estimate of how many of your credits could transfer. Please keep in mind that this calculator is not all inclusive, so there may be courses and institutions that we could accept credit from even if they are not listed. We highly recommend getting an official credit evaluation from our Registrar’s Office after acceptance. 

When will I receive my official transfer credit evaluation?

The Registrar’s Office will begin your transfer credit evaluation after acceptance once all official transcripts from any past institutions attended have been received. Transcripts must reflect no courses in progress. You will receive your evaluation in the mail and also by email from your admissions counselor. 

Can I get an unofficial transfer credit evaluation?

Yes! Reach out to your admissions counselor or to request an unofficial transfer credit evaluation that can be completed at anytime with unofficial transcripts. Please keep in mind that this evaluation is only an estimate of transfer credit and not an official evaluation. 

How do my credits apply to my major?

While much or all of your credit may transfer to TFC, all of the credit may not directly apply to your chosen degree program. Transfer credit evaluations will be completed and compared with the TFC course catalog for the declared major on your transfer application. This means that some of your courses may transfer in as electives.

What course grade is required to count for credit?

Only completed courses with a C- or better are considered for transfer. Grades and GPA from your previous institution do not transfer to your TFC transcript.

What are the requirements to earn a degree from TFC?

At least 32 credit hours or the final 25% of the degree, whichever is greater, must be completed at TFC. In addition to this, a minimum of 50% of your major and minor course hours must be completed at TFC.

Questions about Transferring to TFC?

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