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What does it mean for TFC to be The Christian College of Georgia?

At TFC, we believe your years in college will fundamentally shape your character, relationships, and vocation for the rest of your life. While college has powerful financial returns on investment, it should also be an investment in becoming a person of Christ-like character. In Christ and to His glory, our mission is to participate in and expand the Kingdom of God through every facet of life. We seek to provide a campus community where God’s vision of human flourishing is modeled in academics, community, and intentional spiritual formation. We recognize that TFC is not the only Christian college in Georgia. This statement serves to emphasize TFC’s commitment to and practice of Christian formation and the ways in which TFC continues to seek Jesus in new and countercultural ways. If you desire a college experience that will encourage you in your faith in mission and practice, TFC is the place for you.

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Bible & Theology Hours

The Word of God is a powerful tool in the Christian life, and a Christian education is not complete without a thorough understanding of its reading and interpretation. Most majors at TFC require 30 hours (about 10 classes) of Bible and Theology coursework beginning with surveys of the Old and New Testament and extending into specific book and genre study. We invite you to compare our course catalog with other Christian colleges like us. You’ll find that our requirement of Bible and Theology courses is unique in its breadth and depth. With a solid Biblical foundation for life, TFC graduates are empowered to navigate an increasingly complex world in light of the Kingdom of God.

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Service & Outreach

Our faith must be living and active, not constrained to a classroom or ideals. According to Paul in his letter to the Galatians, the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love (5:6-7). Through our Service and Outreach program (SAO), students are guided to serving our campus, local community, and around the world. Over the course of a bachelor’s degree at TFC, each student must participate in 4 SAO projects of 20 hours each. This could be done as a volunteer with a local church body, an international mission trip, with the on-campus farm, or many other opportunities.

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Spiritual Formation

We believe that humans are more than flesh and bone. God created us in His image, and we are, in part, spirit. This spirit is always being formed whether negatively or positively through relationships, art, media, life circumstances, and daily habits. To participate in Christian spiritual formation is to partner in the work of the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus. This transformation happens inwardly, often quietly, but always impacts the people around us. As the Christian College of Georgia, we want to provide opportunities for our campus community to experience positive spiritual formation in the way of Jesus through worship, prayer, and discipleship. Students participate in 30 spiritual formation activities in a semester, choosing from over 80 options that allow them to find the settings most beneficial to them. Community worship is held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM featuring student led worship bands and speakers from around the world. Small groups arranged by age, area of interest, or life circumstances are also offered on and off-campus. Faculty and staff mentorships are available as well as our Student Mission Fellowship that has met for over 50 years for worship and prayer for the nations. The unique nature of our spiritual formation structure lies in its flexibility and thoroughness. Opportunities for collective worship and prayer on most college campuses are rare, but TFC makes them abundant and provides the structure to keep students engaged. By making the options so varied in scope and size, each student learns patterns of spiritual formation that will serve them for life.

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Each professor at Toccoa Falls College is a follower of Jesus, dedicated to educating students in their area of expertise for the Glory of God. To mold life-long leaders and learners in the way of Jesus, it is necessary that those teaching them have real-life experience combined with academic knowledge. Whether in ministry, nursing, business, or any other area of study, our professors understand the challenges facing professionals in their areas and can give students the knowledge and training they need to overcome them. By signing our statement of faith and code of conduct, faculty commits to living a life worthy of their calling in Christ and expressing that through devotion to the godly character of their students. Professors, beyond their official capacities, often act as mentors and spiritual directors to students on campus through one-on-one interaction, the leading of small groups, and hospitality in their own homes. Teachers and professors can have an immense influence on students’ worldviews. During a time of incredible identity and belief formation, TFC professors work to encourage students in their commitment to Christ, not hinder it.

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Godly community should be found wherever there are Christians gathered, but the unique combination of factors at an institution of higher learning often magnifies its beauty. At Toccoa Falls College, there is a longstanding tradition of godly community among the students, staff, and faculty. Through classroom conversations, late nights in the dorms, community service done side by side, and the constant endeavor for greater knowledge, TFC has become a place for lifelong friendships to grow. Many alumni look back on their time at TFC as a special period in life where community flourished with a unique strength. As graduates move on to service after college, the strength of their bonds from TFC remain, often guiding them throughout life and many changes. As students grow in their profession, their faith, and their leadership, the friends that grow alongside them bring joy, support, and challenge not found in many settings.

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School of Christian Ministries

While every vocation can be glorifying to God, there are individuals who feel called to full-time work in more traditional ministry settings, like local churches and international missions. Unfortunately, for many years the number of colleges offering specialized training in these areas has dwindled- some schools offering a single combined major and others disappearing completely. At TFC, we are committed to continue leading the charge in excellent ministry-focused education, retaining multiple dedicated departments under the umbrella of the School of Christian Ministries. Three departments: Ministry Leadership, Bible and Theology, and Global Ministries make up this school and each focus on a different area of ministry or service. Ministry Leadership exists primarily for those interested in local ministries- churches, non-profits, and camps. Bible and Theology is for those who are called to interpret, teach, and translate the Bible. Global Ministries prepares students who seek to engage cross-culturally to share the Gospel with those right here in the U.S. and across the world. All three departments, with several majors within them, prepare and equip ministry leaders to impact the Kingdom of God in their work.

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