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Spiritual Formation

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Spiritual Formation is the process of deepening one’s relationship with God by being further formed into His image through the practice of spiritual disciplines and experiences. Toccoa Falls College is committed to offering personal and community experiences that significantly impacts the student in their relationship with Jesus. Each student completes spiritual formation credits to deepen their relationship with God.

Spiritual Formation

Opportunities and Resources

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Bible & Theology Core
All majors at Toccoa Falls College include core academic coursework in Bible & Theology classes. We believe that a deeper knowledge of God develops a deeper love of God and love of others. These classes are foundational to a biblical worldview and challenge students to define what they believe.
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Community Worship Community Worship gatherings invite the TFC campus community to listen and respond to the work of God in our midst through communal worship practices of reading scripture, prayer, musical expression, listening to inspiring messages from diverse speakers, and response. Learn More
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Discipleship Groups
Our discipleship groups are named Barnabas Groups, also known as B-Groups. B-Groups are facilitated by faculty, staff, and student leaders each week. These groups provide a context where friendships are forged, spiritual growth is nurtured, and God’s grace is experienced. A variety of B-Groups are available at varying times to meet each student’s schedule and interest.
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Students are invited and encouraged to participate in mentoring relationships throughout their time in college. Mentoring relationships at TFC foster in-depth spiritual formation where approved faculty and staff are able to share godly wisdom with students individually as they walk through all aspects of life.
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Student Fellowships
Student Fellowships are spiritual gatherings throughout the week hosted by students for students. The purpose of these gatherings is to engage in fellowship, worship, community, and spiritual growth. Current Fellowships include the Student Mission Fellowship (SMF) and the Hmong Student Association (HSA).
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Local Church Involvement
We desire for students to be significantly involved in local churches and ministries that are formative to their spiritual life. This is one of the many reasons we don’t offer TFC Community Worship on Sundays. Students who are interested in receiving spiritual formation credit for their involvement in these formative ministries should submit a Spiritual Formation Project proposal.
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Service & Outreach We believe that true spiritual formation calls us to serve others. At TFC, there are a variety of opportunities for you to serve others in transformative ways and participate in service learning along the way. Learn More
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Student Leadership Leadership is one of the best ways to establish and enact your faith in the world. Toccoa Falls College provides opportunities for you to use and practice Christian leadership while you are still in college. Learn More
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Residence Life The mission of Residence Life is to foster spiritual growth through community living as Christ is welcomed on campus, in the Residence Halls, and within the TFC community. Resident Assistants encourage and empower you to find a deep sense of belonging at Toccoa Falls College. Learn More

Spiritual Formation Credits

When we love God with all that we have and love others around us, we care about their spiritual growth. Spiritual formation credits at Toccoa Falls College help foster spiritual growth in the lives of our students on campus.  Residential and commuter students should complete a certain number of Spiritual Formation Credits throughout each semester by participating in many of the community experiences listed above. Read more about specific spiritual formation credit requirements in the FAQ below.

Spiritual Formation


What are my options for earning spiritual formation credits?
  • Participating in Chapel.
    • Weekly Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Periodic Monday department, school, and special experiences
    • Periodic Evening worship experiences for special events and conferences
  • Attending Barnabas Group (Small Group) with an approved BGroup leader
  • Participating in Student Mission Fellowship (SMF) on Wednesday nights in WM 104 at 6:30pm.
  • Watch + Reflect on Online Chapels
    • Students can watch up to 5 Online Chapels and write a one page, double- spaced summary that reflects on the theme, content, and formative aspects of the entirety of the worship experience.
    • For each summary reflection submitted from the current semester, students receive one spiritual formation credit, and can earn up to a total of 5 spiritual formation credits in a given semester.
    • Summaries are due at 5:00 pm on the day of the last Chapel
  • Spiritual Formation Project
  • Participating in the Hmong Student Association (HSA) on Thursday evenings and held at various locations and times.
  • Approved Mentorship for the purpose of Christian formation.
  • Approved Scripture Memorization
How can I get Mentorship approval and credit?
  • Obtain, complete, and submit a mentor proposal form from the Director of Spiritual Formation.
  • Students receive 1 spiritual formation credit for participating in a mentoring session (typically 1 hour) and can earn up to a total of 5 spiritual formation credits in a given semester.
  • Students are required to pursue a mentoring relationship that focuses on spiritual formation. A student’s semester plan for formation should be broadly delineated in statement form and approved by the DSF prior to the initial mentoring session.
  • Students, at the conclusion of the semester, are required to submit a one-page, single-spaced, reflection report on the mentoring experience with an eye toward meeting the objectives of the original formation plan. This report requires the signature of the student and mentor.
Can I earn credit for going to church or doing my devotions?

These activities do not qualify for SFCs. However, students are encouraged to maintain an ongoing practice of personal disciplines that nurture Christian formation (e.g., solitude, prayer, the study of Scripture, mission/evangelism, etc.).

Students are encouraged to take advantage of sacred spaces set aside for personal and corporate times of prayer, reflection, and encouragement in residence halls, the beautiful outdoors, and the various prayer rooms.

Furthermore, Christian formation requires participation in a local faith community. It is the expectation at TFC that all faculty, staff, and students attend, participate, and contribute to the life of a local Christian congregation of their choosing.

What is a Spiritual Formation Project?
  • Students who are significantly involved in formative ministry in a local church setting are invited to work with the OSF in co-creating a Spiritual Formation Project that can satisfy a portion of the requirement to earn typically 5 spiritual formation credits during the semester.
  • Project proposals must be developed in conjunction with the OSF and approved within the first 30 days of a given semester.
How do I receive credit for attended spiritual formation events?
  • Students are required to check in through the iAttended App to receive a credit for Chapel, Barnabas Group, Student Mission Fellowship, or Hmong Student Association gatherings.
  • Students will either be given a QR code or a four digit code to enter.
  • All other forms of credit must be submitted with required forms, signatures, or reflections no later than 5PM on the last day of Chapel.
How many spiritual formation credits am I required to earn?
On Campus Students 30 Spiritual Formation Credits/semester
Commuters within 15 miles 25 Spiritual Formation Credits/semester
Commuters beyond 15 miles 15 Spiritual Formation Credits/semester
What happens if I do not earn the required number of spiritual formation credits?
  • Students who fail to earn the required number of spiritual formation credits by the end of the semester will be subject to a $20 fine for each credit under the required amount. Fines must be paid in full before resuming classes the following semester.
What if I am late to or leave early from the worship experience?
  • Students are always encouraged to attend Chapel even if they are late or need to leave earlier. However, to receive spiritual formation credit, students must scan in with the iAttended app before 10:10AM to receive spiritual formation credit, and will not receive credit if they leave early.
What if I am not credited properly for my participation?
  • Contact spiritualformation@tfc.edu via email about missing credit and submit a written credit request within three weeks that includes your full name, student ID number, and the unaccounted date.
How do I monitor my total number of spiritual formation credits?
  • Find and monitor your total number of spiritual formation credits through the iAttend app located on MyTFC.
Director of Spiritual Formation

Staff Profile

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Jordan Brown Director of Spiritual Formation 706.756.6272 jjbrown@tfc.edu