Toccoa Falls College is honored to recognize Dr. David Jalovick, Associate Professor of History, as the 2022 recipient of the Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award.

Dr. Jalovick has served Toccoa Falls College faithfully for the past 25 years and is recognized not only for this current year of teaching excellence, but a quarter century of Christ-centered, student-focused teaching that has endeared him to countless students. His competency within his discipline, his compassion for his students, and his commitment to Christ form the backbone of his excellence in teaching. In the classroom, Dr. Jalovick’s use of narrative and storytelling helps students see the importance of going beyond memorizing dates and names to understanding how people and places connect to the larger story of human history.

Dr. Jalovick’s compassion is reflected in his commitment to his students’ growth inside and outside of the classroom. He has served as an advisor to the college’s African American student group and guided student programs related to African American history at TFC. He is a long-standing member of the TFC Education Committee, supervising all the history education students in their student-teaching experiences. Outside of TFC, Dr. Jalovick is a member of the leadership team of the Tugaloo Corridor Project, and he encourages his students to engage in community involvement in HIS 413 (Historiography) through oral history activities and work at the Stephens County Historical Society.

Whether through engaging students in the classroom or modeling leadership in the campus community, Dr. Jalovick embodies the mission of TFC to develop both character and intellect.