Over the past year, Jacob Hunt, the Community Partnerships chair of our Student Government Association, has been dedicated to developing a lasting relationship with the local Toccoa area. “Our goal this year for Community Partnerships was to rebuild the gap between TFC and the town,” he shared. Part of this work has included Jacob and his committee partnering with local organizations like Micah’s Promise and hosting fundraising events on campus.

Two weeks ago, TFC held a Community Festival on campus where the local Toccoa community and students came together to play games, eat food, and fellowship together! Down by the pond, SGA set up ring toss, disc golf, matching games, yard games, and other carnival activities. Participants could win small prizes or tickets to purchase larger items like a TV or stuffed animals. A special thanks to Cory Croscutt (2008), a TFC alumni and current Georgia State Trooper, who was able to fly in a Georgia State Patrol helicopter (pictured above) so youth from the community, as well as our current students, could explore and learn more about what it looks like to work in the community as a law enforcement officer. TFC currently offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and first responders receive a 50% discount on our undergraduate degree programs and a 25% discount on our graduate degree programs.

Although the weather was a bit colder than expected, we are so thankful to the local churches that came out to join us! “I am really happy with how this event turned out… This event was our final step of year one of rebuilding connections with Toccoa. Seeing the success of it and now having a launching point to grow from, I cannot wait to see what this committee becomes in the next few years,” Jacob shared.