Marriage and Family Therapy Department

The Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Degree is an innovative program that uniquely prepares students for a career in marriage and family counseling by providing them with a skills-based curriculum that relies upon a Christian foundation. Our graduates provide ethical and compassionate care to their clients. Not only are they ready to guide and counsel from a Christian perspective, but they are also equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to complete the licensure process.

Our online Master’s of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy is a flexible and versatile program that allows you to take your career to the next level while balancing your existing responsibilities. Contact an admissions counselor today for more information.

Couple receives pre-marital counseling at Toccoa Falls College
Graduate student studying in Seby Jones Library

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Program Benefits

Toccoa Falls College offers multiple programs in the Marriage and Family field with high-quality, rigorous academics taught by qualified professors with industry expertise. Each class integrates a purposeful biblical perspective, ensuring that students can proceed with a Christian approach to therapy. All students in this program benefit from the asynchronous online program, which allows anyone to graduate with a Master’s degree while still managing existing personal and professional responsibilities. As one of the most affordable online counseling degrees, students will be uniquely prepared for MFT (or LPC) licensure through an innovative, skills-based curriculum for under $31,000 total, allowing anyone who feels called to this profession to have access to a valuable educational experience.


Student in Odyssey
Dr. Fred Gingrich Profile

“In the world of training for therapists, these are unique programs. First of all, we are a Christian program taught by a Christian institution and by Christian faculty. Each course encourages reflection on one’s faith, the faith of one’s clients, and the overall role of spirituality in the process of change. We hope you resonate with that emphasis. Secondly, this is a primarily online program which does not require much classroom attendance. There are a few weekend residencies depending on your program, but otherwise students can live at home, work locally if needed, and do their practicum and internship close to home. Online learning is different but it has many advantages and few disadvantages. TFC provides an excellent, diverse, well-rounded faculty to assist you in becoming the best you can be as a therapist to individuals, couples, and families. Join us!”

-Dr. Fred Gingrich, MAMFT Program Director