Secondary English Education

Program Overview

Why Study Secondary English Education at TFC?

The online Secondary English Education major equips future servant leaders with knowledge of the diverse learners and content they will teach, skills in planning instruction, assessing, and managing, as well as character reflecting appropriate interaction with the school community, life-long learning, and a calling as a Christian servant leader with a Biblical worldview for kingdom service. The Professional Teaching Objectives for this major are based on the TAPS standards. The online Secondary English Education program leads to certification in grades 6 through 12.

Because we believe secondary education teaching is a calling, the Teacher Education Department seeks to cultivate a uniquely Christian online learning community through coursework and faculty support of candidates in their pursuit of truth with godly character for service in public, private and international schools teaching at the secondary level.

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Teacher Education

“TFC has an amazing reputation in our community; these teachers are known for their quality, and that comes from the base that we provide at TFC with the curriculum and the support that we give our students.”

Dr. Lisa Glover
Chair, Teacher Education Department

Degree Layout

Secondary English Education Courses

The Secondary Education major is a 127 hour program that includes 54 hours of general education courses (including 15 hours of Bible & Theology), 9 hours of open electives, and 64 hours in Education-specific courses (24 of which are English Education specific).

Featured Courses:

  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • History & Structure of the English Language
  • Clinical Practice
Lala Lor


A significant part of who I am as an educator today is highly influenced by my experience as a student in the education program at TFC. The professors truly invested in me holistically, not just as a future educator, but as a leader and an individual who needed growth and guidance. Eight years into teaching, I still implement the learning practices that I gleaned from this program on a daily basis. From the way I cultivate my classroom learning environment, to the way I build intentional relationships with my students, I continue to lean on the knowledge and experience from this program.
Lala Lor, Class of 2013
Career Options

What can you do with a Secondary English Education degree?

When you earn an online Secondary English Education degree, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:

Middle or High School Teacher

Naturally, many secondary English education graduates go on to teach English at middle or high schools. Students will be prepared to teach at public, private or international schools.

School Administration/Coach

While further education may be required, some secondary education students aspire to become a school administrator, seeking roles as a principal or headmaster. Many students that pursue secondary education degrees have an interest in becoming a coach. Gaining certification as a teacher will provide graduates many opportunities for coaching at the high school level.

Private Tutor

As secondary English education graduates, students will be prepared to enter the growing field of private tutoring. An English tutor can help student learn and understand new concepts, specifically centered on reading and writing.

Camp/Missions Educator

With a degree in secondary education, graduates may seek careers in camp or mission ministry. As a camp director or overseas educator, students will be prepared to lead, provide vision, and offer an education for students that is centered on Christ. Along with a TESOL minor, English education graduates will have specific preparations for teaching English abroad.

Meet the Professors


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Megan Beckett Administrative Assistant for Teacher Education & Business Administration