Toccoa Falls, Ga. (January 24, 2024) – As the Christian College of Georgia, Toccoa Falls College is devoted to biblical truth, academic excellence, transformative community, and intentional spiritual formation. TFC prepares students to serve in the Kingdom of God personally and professionally with professors who demonstrate expertise, mentorship, and friendship. TFC professor Dr. Seth Heringer exhibits these characteristics well and was recently chosen to speak in a popular biblical studies podcast, “Faith at the Frontiers.” 

This podcast confronts challenges to the Christian faith with hope, using conversations with experts from various perspectives. “Faith at the Frontiers” offers topics such as Science and Religion, Climate Change, and Refugees. In their new series, Faith and the Challenges of History, Dr. Heringer describes the development of modern historical methods and their impact on theology. Listen to this fruitful dialogue with faith wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr. Heringer is the Associate Professor of Theology and Scripture at TFC. He enjoys the “close-knit community that develops at TFC and (the environment) that allows relationships to grow beyond only interacting in class.”

TFC is proud to highlight Dr. Heringer for representing our college well! To learn more about Theology and degree programs at Toccoa Falls College, please visit