Toccoa Falls, Ga. (October 16, 2023) – Toccoa Falls College is proud to announce the publication of Dr. Ken Turner’s new book, Habakkuk: A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible. The highly academic commentary is part of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament series. Dr. Ken Turner is a biblical scholar and esteemed member of the Toccoa Falls College faculty, and through this new work, is contributing to high-level biblical scholarship and research, and ultimately to the kingdom of God, on the campus of TFC and beyond.

Turner’s in-depth analysis of the book of Habakkuk represents years of research and scholarship. The book includes a robust discourse analysis examining Hebrew grammar and syntax. Readers will find this discourse to be complemented by a profound explanation of the text and valuable insights for practical application.

Turner expresses that, “We are still learning what Hebrew poetry is like. We are figuring out how it works and operates so that we may understand how to apply it. This book is part of that larger process.” In discussing further, Turner shares his hopes for the book, “I hope readers will see the necessary integration of exegetical rigor, rich theological reflection, and personal or pastoral application. Also, I want people to “meet” Habakkuk—as a prophet for sure, but also as a man who exemplifies a life of true faith in the midst of his struggles with his God.”

Dr. Kevin Burris, Chair for the Bible and Theology department at TFC, wrote in his endorsement of the book, “[Turner’s] scholarship is especially evident in detailed textual analysis and clarifying footnotes, but perhaps the most outstanding feature of the commentary is [his] ability to present each verse as part of the overall literary context of Habakkuk in a captivating manner that is borne out of both careful study and personal experience. This is truly a wonderful addition to the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament!”

Toccoa Falls College President, Dr. Robert Myers, expressed his pride in Dr. Turner’s achievement. “We are thrilled to see Dr. Turner’s scholarly work released,” said Dr. Myers. “This publication exemplifies the commitment to academic excellence that defines our institution.”

TFC is proud to have faculty like Dr. Turner engaging in the highest areas of scholarship and research in their field. This contribution to the kingdom of God directly aligns with the mission of the college to provide an understanding of the Bible as the basis for Christian life and thought.