Toccoa Falls, Ga. (August 17, 2023) — In Fall of 2022, Toccoa Falls College partnered with the Refugee and Immigrant Network of the Alliance (RAIN) to create an Easy to Read Bible for people whose native language is not English. TFC was one of four Alliance institutions of higher education who contributed, in addition to the Christian and Missionary Alliance National Office and Alliance World Fellowship. Over 20 TFC faculty, staff, students, and alumni wrote devotionals and book introductions for this project, which is known as the, “Wells of Refuge: Welcoming Devotional Bible.” 

The RAIN Network structured this book on a third grade reading level with the dream of seeing these Bibles reach thousands of lost families from resistant and distant people groups, while also being used as a tool to help users learn to read English. It includes over 25 Refugee/Immigrant short stories, introductions to all 66 books of the Bible, and over 120 devotional inserts written by people from all over the world. For more information and to buy or donate a copy for only $25, visit

TFC Contributors Include:

Kevin Burris, Abigail Cissell, Lydia Delfunt, Caroline Dobbs, Joanne Dunavan, Rich Griffith, Joyce Griffin, Josiah Hopkins, Russell Huizing, Ruth Hoffman, Selah Murawski, Mark Murphree, Anne Norris, Steven Petersheim, Zach Scott, Carole Shust, Katie Skeen, Ken Turner, Chris Vena, Brenna Vickers, Kelly Vickers, Curt Wanner, and Katie Zambrowicz.