Parents and guardians are an essential part of the college decision making process for most students, and for most families, there’s no part of that decision that weighs heavy on the mind like financial aid. Part of the college enrollment journey is allowing students to strike out on their own, make decisions, and learn how to take initiative. However, most parents/guardians take a larger role in finances, many of them assuming some responsibility for the cost. With that in mind, we want to provide you with important information for the journey at hand.

  • Students are awarded academic scholarships on acceptance to TFC. Depending on their GPA, most students will receive an academic scholarship upon acceptance that ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per year. Once awarded, this scholarship will remain with the student throughout their years as a residential student at TFC.
  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is changing this year. Even veteran college-sending parents will have to face some new challenges this year. The federal government has not yet released full details on this new FAFSA, but it should be released sometime in December 2023 (later than other years).
  • State and federal aid will be displayed along TFC aid on a student’s financial aid package. Once a student’s FAFSA is received, the Financial Aid Office at TFC will send the student an email, prompting them to create an account in their TFC financial aid portal. There they can view their TFC scholarships as well as state and federal aid.
  • Your student’s admissions counselor is your advocate. Admissions counselors will set up calls or in-person meetings to talk through financial aid packages once they are released. Our goal is for you to make clear, informed decisions in this process. Having both parent/guardian and student on this call is helpful! Admissions counselors are your sounding board for questions, confusions, or fears. Communicating with them is important for them to be able to give you the best financial aid package possible.

Want to talk more about this with us?  Check out our parent information page for more info and complete the inquiry form to continue the college discussion.

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