How can I help my student through the college admissions process? 

That’s what you might be asking yourself right now as your student begins their college search.

 At TFC, we’ve been committed to developing godly character with intellect since 1907. Part of our work in that is guiding your family through this process. Here are some of our top tips to help.

  • Pray for your student and their search. God cares deeply about the details of our lives. He is trustworthy to take care of your student now and into their adult life.
  • Visit the colleges in which your student is most interested. There’s nothing quite like getting on campus to see how your student might fit. You can schedule a personal tour at TFC here.
  • Talk about your family values in regards to college choice. Your student’s college choice will effect much more than their education and career. College is an investment that can direct the trajectory of one’s faith, marriage, and health for life. It’s important for students and parents to consider every aspect of a college in this consideration. 
  • Engage your admissions counselor. Admissions counselors should be a rich resource of information throughout the admissions and financial aid process. Talking with them may be able to settle many of the questions you have. Not sure who to talk to? Email us at

Want to talk more about this with us? 

Check out our parent information page for more info and complete the inquiry form to continue the college discussion.