Dr. Kang receiving VulcanOn May 7, 2020 Toccoa Falls College presented several faculty members with various awards in recognition for their excellence and service to the college. One such award was the Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award sponsored by the Vulcan Materials Company in recognition of quality and innovation in teaching. 

Toccoa Falls College is proud to announce Dr. Piljoo Kang as its 2020 recipient of the Vulcan Materials Teaching Excellence Award.  For the past four years, Dr. Kang has combined academic expertise, curriculum design excellence, and engaging pedagogy, with ongoing research and publications in her work as faculty member in the Ministry Leadership Department. As part of her responsibilities, she designed and taught new courses in Child and Family Advocacy and Research in Family & Children’s Ministry. Dr. Kang serves as both full-time professor and chairperson of the Ministry Leadership Department. She is an appreciated member of the Quality Enhancement Committee. Her pedagogy prepares students practically and professionally for careers as evidenced by students co-presenting with Dr. Kang at national conferences and her advisee being named as a recipient of the Templeton Foundation’s Student Researcher Conference Attendance Award/Grant. Dr. Kang is a sought-after professor and valued mentor, modeling an ongoing commitment to the development of multicultural awareness and academic excellence.