TFC is excited to announce that, starting Fall 2021, there will be three new concentrations within our Biology Major: Ecology & Environmental Science, Pre-Professional, and Public Health.

The Ecology & Environmental Science concentration is excellent training for students who desire careers related to the environment.  Students will be prepared for careers as a Park Naturalist, Environmental Consultant, Restoration Ecologist, Natural Resource Manager, Zookeeper, Wetland Scientist, Environmental Regulator, Field Biologist, or Ecological Research Assistant.  Likewise, this program prepares students for graduate programs in related fields such as wildlife biology, conservation biology, ecology, water resource management, environmental law, marine biology, environmental engineering, soil conservation, environmental chemistry, environmental horticulture, biology education, or botany.

The Pre-Professional concentration is an ideal way for students to prepare for graduate professional schools. The Pre-Professional concentration is flexible enough to allow students to pursue a wide variety of professional healthcare fields.  By completing this program, students will be ready to apply for programs in medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, physical or occupational therapy, optometry, chiropractic, veterinary, pharmacy, and other medical professional programs.

The Public Health concentration prepares students to work in public health careers such as a Health Educator working one on one with patients, a Community Health Worker liaising healthcare workers with diverse socioeconomic groups, or an Emergency Response Coordinator pulling together a team to respond to natural disasters or pandemics. This concentration can also prepare students for the more traditional career in epidemiology, or one of the emerging positions in infection prevention or data analysis. Likewise, this program also prepares students to continue their education in health informatics, a growing field of data science used to make health insurance and policy decisions, or be the policy writer with health policy & administrations.

We are so excited to watch our Biology program expand, and to send more TFC graduates into the Biology field. If you are a prospective student, and would like to apply to study Biology at TFC, you can do so here.