Fetterman School of Nursing Brochure

Are You Called?

Do you view a nursing career as a sacred ministry? Do you articulate a higher purpose for your life and are you transformed by the sacredness of your calling? Nursing is any important career choice and indeed a high calling as you care for the sick with compassion and selflessly serve the needs of patients, often facing life or death situations. Selecting the school that best fits your desired path is important.

Why Should I Choose TFC?

What is it that sets TFC nursing students apart? Clearly, TFC draws students who are compassionate, committed to their major and soon-to-be profession. However, once they cross the Fetterman School of Nursing’s threshold, it’s the rich variety of skills, experiences, and ideas coupled with the integration of faith and values presented to them that will inspire life-long service. It is our desire to equip nurses who will shape the profession of nursing and have a profound impact in transforming healthcare and transforming lives through the uniqueness of a Christ-centered nursing practice.

  • Our BSN program will emphasize nursing as a sacred ministry and servant leadership.
  • Our curriculum will include: A global health nursing field experience for students to become more culturally competent and the practice of clinical skills in a state-of-the-art simulation/skills laboratory.
  • Connect with your career: Receive one-on-one coaching and benefit from our faculty and alumni network who can provide worldwide career guidance.
  • With strong ties to clinical sites in the community and region, you will have clinical opportunities in diverse environments, including, but not limited to acute care settings, public health departments, medical clinics, assisted living facilities and physician offices.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year pre-licensure degree that will prepare a nurse generalist for leadership and practice in the role of professional registered nurse. The program will prepare graduates to write the national examination (NCLEX-RN) leading to licensure as Registered Nurses for a life of service in the profession of nursing.

Admission Criteria

After admission to the college, students must be formally admitted to the nursing major. Requirements for admission will include the following:

  • A minimum, cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Successful completion of all lower division nursing course work with a “C” or better
  • Meet the minimum HESI Assessment Test Score
  • Interview with nursing faculty
  • Completion of admission packet provided by the School of Nursing

Academic Plan of Study

Fall Semester
NUR 305       Foundations
NUR 314        Health Assessment
NUR 323       Research

Spring Semester
NUR 313       Patho / Pharm I
NUR 326       Adult Health I
NUR 336       Community Health

Summer Semester
NUR 345       Psychiatric Mental Health
NUR 361       Field Experience

Fall Semester
NUR 413       Patho / Pharm II
NUR 455       Childbearing
NUR 465       Adult Health II

Spring Semester
NUR 423       Leadership & Management
NUR 475       Complex Patient
NUR 482       Senior Capstone
NUR 493       Senior Preceptorship