Online Tuition + Fees

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Our online tuition rate has been heavily discounted to make pursuing your degree an affordable reality. While TFC does not offer institutional scholarships for online students, state and federal aid may be an option to lower costs even further for students taking at least 6 credit hours per semester.


Online Direct Costs


Cost Per Credit Hour $370
Cost Per 3 Credit Hours (1 class) $1,110
6 Credit Hours (2 classes) $2,220
9 Credit hours (3 classes) $3,330
12 Credit Hours (4 classes) $4,440
15 Credit Hours (5 classes) $5,550


Technology Fee $160/semester
Books (estimate) $300/semester


Online Indirect Costs


Per Semester Per Year
Tuition – 12 hours ($370 x 12) $4,440 $8,880
Technology Fee $160 $320
Off Campus Housing & Food $3,375 $6,750
Books and Supplies $600 $1,200
Transportation $50 $100
Miscellaneous $515 $1,030
Total Costs $9,140 $18,280
State + Federal Aid for Online Students

Students who are taking at least six credit hours per semester, may be eligible for state and federal aid such as the HOPE Scholarship, Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, Federal Pell Grant, and Federal Direct Loans.

Learn more about State + Federal Aid

Emergency Responders

Full-time emergency first responders receive a 50% tuition discount upon verification of status.

Local Students

Students in Habersham and Stephens county receive every third class free. This discount can not be combined with the emergency responder discount.