Semester Abroad

Bosnia & Herzegovina Study Abroad from Toccoa Falls College on Vimeo.

The Global Ministries Department (GMD) offers a Semester Abroad study program in the fall of the senior year for GMD students who desire to spend a whole semester abroad during their TFC  experience. With faculty guidance and approval, the student will be placed in one of various international centers and complete fall semester classes while overseas. By selecting this option, the student fulfills the internship requirements via the Semester Abroad program, in place of a six week summer internship. This opportunity is open to all GMD students but requires careful attention to course scheduling to make it a reality. The student’s academic advisor will help in the process.

For more information about the Semester Abroad program, please contact Professor Joyce Griffin, or 1-888-785-5624, ext. 5398.

To find out more information about Semester & Study Abroad opportunities at TFC, visit our Study Abroad page.


Hear what some Semester Abroad students are saying:

  1. “I chose the semester abroad option because I wanted to be able to experience a new culture as much as possible. I expected that the longer period of time overseas would serve to either enhance or refine my personal call to overseas missions. Additionally, the financial benefits were attractive for me.”

  2. “Over the three months in Bosnia-Herzegovina, I have received clarity in my calling to serve. The romance of missions has begun to dissipate, and I am getting to see better what real life overseas is like. I am learning so much about how the work of God is individualized. Every place presents a new set of challenges, and it has been a refining process for me.”

  3. “I have been able to spend my time abroad to revise my expectations. Marrying the knowledge, I learn in the classroom with what is actually happening on the field is interesting. I thought I knew what a missionary should look or act or talk like….that is not always a reality. I have been able to find a practical application for things I have learned, and this has enriched the knowledge I learned. I feel that my experience at Toccoa Falls College has been more well rounded through this experience.”

Learn more about Semester & Study Abroad opportunities at TFC, visit our Study Abroad page!