TFC students had quite the winter welcome this week as they arrived back on campus to kick off our spring semester. While classes were omitted in observance of  Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday, we received an extra day off as the arrival of approximately five inches of snow resulted in Tuesday’s cancellation. Winter Storm Izzy brought in heavy snowfall, sleet, and winds that required students to stay indoors for the majority of Monday morning. Students made sure to get out after the weather had calmed in the afternoon to sled, snowboard, and kayak down some of the major hills on campus.

On Wednesday morning we were able to begin classes, and since then Odyssey Coffeehouse has been filled with students planning and prepping for the weeks and assignments ahead. We are so thankful for the joy and light that our students bring to this campus every year, and we feel that gratitude more deeply as we welcome them back to kick-start this semester. Welcome back, Screaming Eagles.