TFC Community,

We are so proud of our student body and how they have adjusted to our new classroom and community living standards. We are thankful for our faculty and staff, who have been diligent in accommodating student needs and creating healthy atmospheres for students to learn. As we enter into the final stretch of the fall semester, we would love to shed further light on what our protocol looks like and how we plan to continue to respond heading into the spring semester.

The following details our procedure for when a student tests positive for COVID:

When a student reports that they have received positive test results for having the coronavirus:

  1. If the individual lives on campus, he/she is moved to on-campus quarantine housing.  If the individual is a commuter, he/she is required to stay off-campus at home to quarantine.  While the student is in quarantine housing, he/she cannot leave the quarantine space.  Only designated staff are permitted to enter quarantine housing.
  2. TFC begins the contact tracing process.  We ask the student who has a positive test result to provide us with a list of people he/she may have exposed to the virus.  Following the CDC guidelines and TFC protocol, we consider exposure as being in close contact for more than 15 minutes with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 when the positive person was not wearing a mask.
  3. The positive student stays in quarantine housing for 10 days from the date of exposure or the start of their symptoms.  As long as the student is asymptomatic, he/she can leave quarantine housing and return to normal life after the 10 days are over.  If the student continues to have symptoms, he/she will remain in quarantine housing.

When a student is included on a contact tracing list:

  1. We contact all the individuals on this list, asking them to self-isolate in their residence hall room (or off-campus home) and get a COVID test.  
  2. The test should be taken no sooner than three days after exposure to the COVID-positive individual.
  3. If the test is negative, the student is free to leave isolation.  If the test is positive, he/she moves to quarantine housing and we begin our contact tracing protocol with him/her.

Once again, we are so thankful for our TFC Community and their cooperation throughout this pandemic. We are continually encouraged by the joy present in our student body and their creativity in finding ways to have fun in the midst of a new normal.