The Teacher Education Department (TED) at Toccoa Falls College has recently been approved for a Teacher Residency Program (TRP) with the local Stephens County School District.

This exciting development allows education majors in their senior year to complete a one-year, paid student teaching internship while finishing their last year of undergraduate studies at TFC.

In this program, TED students are the teacher of record and actually have their own class and set of students within a Stephens County School.  TED students must apply and be hired for the paid internship.

This program option will allow TFC students to gain more hours in a real classroom environment prior to graduation. These additional hours assist students in further developing their teaching competencies with the added benefit of financial earnings.

The Teacher Residency Program is just one more reason why an education degree from TFC is so valuable. Upon graduation, TED students enter their educational professions with one of the highest amount of hours in the field within the state of Georgia.

Toccoa Falls College offers seven content specialization areas within education. The TRP can be completed in any of these education majors:

TFC is excited to continue to prepare students to be classroom teachers that emulate biblical thinking, competence in a chosen content field, and excellent teaching skills through the integration of intellect and character development.

Interested in Teacher Education at Toccoa Falls College? Learn more about the Teacher Education Department here.