A few years ago the Higgins sisters had never heard of Toccoa Falls College. Upon learning about the school from their aunt, Corrie Eavenson, who attended TFC and loved her experience, Anya, Katya, and Zhenya decided to test out TFC through the dual enrollment program. Being residents and high school students of Covington, Georgia, they were able to gain college credit at no cost through a state program that covers the cost of dual enrollment classes. Zhenya continued in the program after high school and enrolled as an undergraduate student. Anya and Katya joined her a year later.

Zhenya and Anya are studying Early Childhood Education and hope to teach after college graduation. Katya is studying Secondary History Education with a minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She hopes to work closely with churches to teach English to those who lack resources in learning the language.

Zhenya, Katya, and Anya’s youngest sister, Faith, started as a residential student at TFC in the fall of 2021. When Faith was asked why she chose Toccoa Falls College, she said “TFC was a no brainer; this place is awesome. The close knit community and the mission of the college is Christ-centered. Ultimately, this is where God was leading me and my sisters.”

Faith is a freshman on campus although credit-wise she is a sophomore due to her dual enrollment credits earned through TFC. She is studying Interpersonal Communication. Having worked at Chick-Fil-A prior to attending TFC, she could see herself  becoming a CFA store operator one day. She also has dreams of running a youth camp and guiding young people toward faith in Christ. When asked about her experience at TFC thus far, Faith shared, “I have enjoyed it all. I have met so many new friends.”

As Faith shares about the many friends she has made at TFC, she reminisces on pond runs and intramural soccer games. She and her sisters have found community and home at TFC. Thousands of TFC graduates have similar stories of being led so powerfully to TFC by their Maker who sovereignly ordains each of His children’s lives. The Higgins sisters are now among those who can attest to the power of the Lord through attending TFC.

As the graduation of Faith’s sisters approaches, she is sad to see them leave TFC, but she is also excited to celebrate her sisters’ accomplishments in May. Then, she can welcome them back for her own graduation in a few years.